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Packaging development trend of healthy fruit juice drinks

the World Health Organization released the survey report of "top ten health problems in 2005", in which chronic diseases have become one of the most important problems threatening human health. Heavy work pressure, changes in dietary structure and lifestyle are all important factors leading to chronic diseases, and human health problems are urgent. How to be healthy? In addition to proper exercise and psychological balance, a reasonable diet is the key, and this concept of healthy diet has also been fully reflected in the global beverage market. According to the current development trend of global drinks, the characteristics of beverage products can be divided into four categories (see Figure 1): "fun", "fitness", "convenience" and "health", and each characteristic can be subdivided into several product characteristics. According to the global new product data collected by sig kangmeibao in 2005, health products have become the main development trend of the global beverage industry (Figure 2), which reflects the large uneven gradient in the whole temperature field of global beverages due to the lack of mixing mechanism, the consistent convergence of the market on the concept of health and the demand of consumers for healthy diet

this convergence of health awareness has also been fully confirmed in China's beverage market in recent years. Looking at the development of China's beverage market over the years, the products have developed from the traditional single fruit flavored soda to wholehearted carbonated cola drinks, and later fruit juice drinks, water and tea drinks. In recent years, China's beverage market has seen a hundred flowers bloom and new products are superimposed. With the improvement of consumers' health awareness and the strengthening of product awareness, consumers are no longer satisfied with the thirst quenching function and taste changes of beverage products, At the same time, new requirements are put forward for the health and nutritional functions of beverage products: while emphasizing differentiated tastes and novel product concepts, fruit juice products also begin to pay attention to the improvement of fruit juice content, the mixing of different fruit juice nutrients, and the addition of pulp fiber or fruit capsule beneficial to human body; The concept of healthy fruits and vegetables is increasingly recognized by the market; Tea drinks have developed from the original black tea and green tea flavors to new tea drinks with different flavors, additives and sugar degrees with health functions; Traditional Chinese herbal tea and herbal tea are popular all over the country overnight and are loved by consumers; Healthy green tea extracts are added to different kinds of beverages and promoted; A variety of sports drinks characterized by supplementing water and balancing body fluids are also widely favored by consumers; And functional drinks with some special functions and improving body expression are also emerging in endlessly, injecting new vitality into the rapidly developing Chinese beverage market

among these thousands of beverage products that demand health functions, which product concepts truly represent the future development trend of health drinks and effectively meet the functional and emotional needs of consumers? According to the global new product data collected by sig kangmeibao (Figure 3), the beverage products with preventive function accounted for the majority in 2005, that is to say, the functional beverage products that emphasize physical health care and disease prevention are the hot spots in the global beverage market at present

according to this research result, in 2005, SIG kangmeibao's Asian R & D center C in Thailand introduced seven wear test methods, and the expression methods of the test results can be summarized into the following six expressions: ombilab jointly developed a new beverage with health prevention function with Firmenich, fortitech and BASF, the top essence, additives and ingredients companies in the global beverage industry

SIG kangmeibao is a multinational company specializing in providing aseptic paper packaging and filling equipment and packaging materials. Its aseptic paper packaging technology has been widely used in the global field of liquid food, and it is also one of the major aseptic paper packaging suppliers in the domestic dairy and fruit juice industry. The partners Firmenich, fortitech and BASF are leading international multinational companies in their respective industries, which can be described as a strong combination. The purpose of this cooperation is to use their leading technology and expertise to develop a concept beverage with preventive and health care functions. This product is not only required to comply with the general trend of global healthy diet, but also to have a certain market prospect and practical producibility. Therefore, combilab, SIG comepack Asia R & D center located in Thailand, was selected as the laboratory for the new product R & D, providing product testing and production testing required for R & D. As a comprehensive test base of SIG kangmeibao in Asia, combilab can not only provide various research and tests from product concept, formula ingredients to finished products, but also provide small-scale batch filling tests of finished products, so as to ensure the smooth progress of new products from basic concept - Determination of formula - final finished products, and provide customers with perfect supporting services

the product concept of this cooperative research and development mainly includes three themes: health preservation, improving immunity, and heart health care:

1 Health concept drink (low content fruit juice): health is a comprehensive concept, including physical, mental and mental health, and physical health is the most basic and important link. Good living habits, reasonable diet and moderate exercise are the main means to maintain good health. At the same time, timely supplementation of vitamins and trace elements required by the body is also the key to ensure good health

this series of products are grapefruit and pomegranate flavored drinks containing 6% apple juice, with antioxidant lycopene and beta carotene added, as well as a premix of synthetic nutrients with health functions. The product is positioned as a light refreshing health drink, which is mainly aimed at 18-45 year-old consumers who care about health. It not only supplements the body with water, but also provides the body with vitamins and trace elements

2. Immunity enhancing beverage (medium content fruit juice): the immune system is the first line of defense of the body, which is a complex body response system, including skin, intestines and stomach, nasal mucosa, blood, lymph and other organs and tissues. The immune system is a natural protective measure for the body against the invasion of harmful substances. When installing the universal laboratory machine, it resists the invasion of harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer cells. Vitamins and minerals can improve the immunity of the body, and a good immune system is the guarantee of physical health

this series of products are passion fruit flavored drinks containing 25% apple juice, which are rich in vitamin C and Aloe Vera particles to help clean up the garbage in the body, while adding synthetic nutrient premix with immune function. The product is positioned as a nutritional beverage, which is mainly aimed at people with health awareness, providing vitamins and minerals needed by the body and improving human immunity

3. Heart health drink (high content fruit juice): according to the global statistical analysis of diseases and problems affecting human health, heart disease is the second largest human health killer after cancer. Coronary heart disease is one of the major cardiovascular diseases, which is due to the accumulation of fat in the arterial wall, which hinders the blood from delivering oxygen and nutrients in the body. When the blood vessels are blocked, the blood cannot flow to the brain, resulting in heart disease and stroke. The timely supplementation of vitamins, minerals and trace elements required by the human body can play a certain role in heart health care

this series of products are 100% orange juice and contain natural fruit capsules, rich in vitamin C and added with heart care synthetic nutrient premix. The product is positioned as a natural pure fruit juice product of fruit flesh type, which is mainly aimed at adults with health awareness and provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for heart health care

these three series of products are juice based beverage products. By adding various synthetic nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements with health functions to the formula, they have achieved the functions of disease prevention, physical health care and strengthening body functions, and are fully in line with the consumption trend of global healthy diet, At the same time, SIG Kangmei's mature sterile paper packaging technology also provides a reliable guarantee for the excellent quality of products

China's beverage market continues to grow at a double-digit rate every year, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to maintain the continuous and synchronous growth of sales and actively expand market share, in addition to emphasizing brand building and strengthening product differentiation, it is particularly critical for beverage manufacturers to grasp the pulse of the market, seize the market opportunity and develop new products that meet the real needs of consumers. Health is the eternal topic of mankind, and the beverage with the concept of health will also be the hot spot of the beverage market forever

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