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The hidden rule of home appliance maintenance is surprising (2)

Zhao Wei said that in fact, manufacturers will always count the failure rate and repair rate of each product. Once, the repair rate of a digital camera lens was as high as about 5%, but they still told consumers that the camera problem in their hands was just an example. Consumers suffer from no evidence and can only admit bad luck

70% of the replacement can be repaired

in the past, it was good to repair the broken home appliances. Now, it is easy to replace the host, motherboard and other important parts, ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. In fact, even circuit boards that meet the requirements of various laws and regulations can be repaired, not to mention the components in large appliances such as refrigerators, color TVs, washing machines and so on. Zhao Wei said: Although the brands of home appliances such as washing machines, water heaters and televisions are different, the core technologies are similar. Many parts can be bought in the hardware and electrical anti earthquake products based on rubber one after another. But now many home appliance maintenance sites are keen on modular maintenance. If there is a problem with any module, replace it as a whole. This is not only easy to maintain, but also has a large profit margin. The profit of repairing and replacing a bad part is less than one-fifth of the profit of replacing a module. For businesses, it is obvious that replacing is more profitable than repairing. In addition, at present, many maintenance technicians have not received professional training, so they can't accurately find the problem and find the electronic components that need to be replaced, so they simply replace the whole module. Maintenance personnel like this don't need much professional knowledge

so where are the replaced accessories? Zhao Wei said that some of the replaced parts were repaired and installed on the new machine, while others were replaced to consumers as new products. In this way, the price difference between the two can be doubled, and the profits earned by maintenance companies will increase

another situation is that the price negotiated by the consumer before the repair is only 60 yuan, but when the repair is half done, the other party tells the consumer that it needs to replace the new parts. If consumers do not continue to repair, they have to pay various fees such as door-to-door service fees and inspection fees. Consumers often have no choice but to continue to pay for repair. This behavior of falsely reporting prices and then raising prices is often used by some small maintenance sites. Because these small maintenance sites are often not famous, in order to attract customers, they often quote a very low price first, and then wait for an opportunity to increase the price during the maintenance process

the return of home appliances requires packaging fees

the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of Komen's growth and rapid growth. Newly purchased home appliances have quality problems. Within the specified time of Three Guarantees, consumers can be as close to 25mm as possible × 25mm choose to return. In order to attract consumers, many manufacturers have also introduced measures to return goods freely within a certain period of time, whether there are quality problems or not. However, in order to reduce returns, businesses have also set some hidden rules, including packaging fees. When many consumers really choose to return goods, they often find that it is not easy to enjoy the return, because the high packaging fees charged by businesses are enough to annoy those consumers who do not keep the product packaging boxes well

nowadays, it has become an unwritten rule in the home appliance industry to charge packaging fees for home appliance returns. Not only televisions, but also appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. In fact, the cost of outer packaging is not so high. The cost of cartons plus cushioning foam is only a few dozen yuan, which can't be as high as hundreds of yuan at all. Sometimes the high packaging fee may be higher than the profit earned by buying a refrigerator or color TV, which is why so many businesses charge packaging fees. In fact, not all maintenance centers charge packaging fees to consumers. If some consumers have strong legal awareness, businesses have to give up. As long as the consumer returns and exchanges goods in accordance with the San Bao regulations, the merchant shall not refuse to undertake the San Bao obligation because there is no outer packaging. What consumers buy is commodities, and the outer packaging is to protect commodities. Consumers have no obligation to keep this packaging. It is only a unilateral regulation of the manufacturer to keep the outer packaging for one month and charge the packaging fee, which has no legal effect. Zhao Wei said

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