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Marine remote control valve hydraulic hoist (swing Mada cylinder)

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I. determination of the basic structural form of marine remote control valve swing hydraulic motor

swing hydraulic motor is also called swing hydraulic cylinder, It is a kind of hydraulic actuator whose price is slightly higher than that of a single arm. The output shaft swings back and forth (not continuous rotation). Its most outstanding advantage is that the load can directly obtain reciprocating motion without any speed change mechanism

1 main structural forms of swing hydraulic motor

swing hydraulic motor mainly has three structural forms: rotating blade type, gear rack type, screw type, etc. The characteristics of rotary vane swing hydraulic motor are that its blades are fixed on the body from the inside, and the fastening interface characteristics of the piston can be set on the drive shaft by software; The rack and pinion swing hydraulic motor obtains power by loading the pressure medium on the rack piston, and performs swing motion through its meshing gear; Spiral swing hydraulic motor is a kind of hydraulic motor that uses the screw pair with large spiral rise angle to realize rotary motion

2 determination of the basic structural form of swing hydraulic motor

the driver that can rotate 90 ° is commonly used in marine remote control valve system to drive the opening or closing of butterfly valve, so as to realize various control function requirements. The above three hydraulic motors can meet this basic requirement. However, whether the structure of the actuator is reasonable and compact, and whether the operation is stable and reliable, has an important impact on the performance of the whole system. Compared with the structural forms and functional characteristics of the above three hydraulic motors, the rack and pinion swing hydraulic motor is suitable for transmitting large torque, but its overall size is much larger than the blade swing hydraulic motor; The rotary vane swing hydraulic motor has a compact structure, but it is difficult to accurately control its rotation angle; The accuracy error of the swing angle of the spiral swing hydraulic motor is ≤ 10 ', which has high reliability and accuracy. This hydraulic motor has small volume, light weight and compact structure, which exactly meets the requirements of marine remote control valve system for small volume, large output torque, small precision error of swing angle, high reliability and accuracy of valve driving device

therefore, the screw swing hydraulic motor is determined as the basic structural form of the valve driving device of the marine remote control valve system

II. Design of screw swing hydraulic motor for marine remote control valve

main structure design screw swing hydraulic motor can be divided into spline piston type, with guide rod type, non-circular piston type, double screw type and so on

in the valve control system after entering the software interface tailored for customers, such as fuel oil tank, ballast tank and cargo oil (gas) tank, there are strict requirements for the accuracy of valve opening angle, reaction speed and the holding capacity of the valve at a certain angle. The spiral swing hydraulic motor can basically meet these requirements. However, due to the large load inertia of some controlled media in the marine system, it is difficult to overcome its instantaneous influence only by the hydraulic system itself. In order to ensure the control accuracy of the valve and the response speed of the system, in addition to taking necessary measures in the electronic control device, we should also take corresponding technical measures in the structural design of the swing hydraulic motor to solve these problems. Therefore, in view of the above problems and the application needs of marine remote control valves, a double screw swing hydraulic motor with braking device is designed

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