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The rise of offshore equipment: Qidong's transformation and upgrading highlights the characteristics of river and sea

the rise of offshore equipment: Qidong's transformation and upgrading highlights the characteristics of river and sea

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Guide: on May 23, JS Caesar, independently developed and produced by Pacific offshore, was officially delivered to the owner of Luxembourg, which is the world's first 5000 cubic meter full pressure connected double tank LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) ship, and is also another masterpiece of Qidong's offshore equipment industry. Resolutely abandon the declining tradition

on May 23, the "JS Caesar" independently developed and produced by Pacific Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially delivered to the Luxembourg ship owner. It is the world's first 5000 cubic meter full pressure connected double tank LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) ship, and it is also another "masterpiece" of Qidong marine engineering equipment industry

resolutely give up the declining traditional shipbuilding industry and compete to enter the booming marine equipment industry. Qidong's transformation and upgrading road has unique "Jianghai characteristics". With the successive production of several major projects, the pulling effect of offshore engineering on the local economy is increasingly apparent: in January, the output value of major enterprises in Qidong offshore Shipbuilding Industrial Park reached 3.282 billion yuan, an increase of 84.9%; Taxable sales reached 2.406 billion yuan, an increase of 169.8%; The tax revenue was 230million yuan, an increase of 307%

"input" and "output" two wheel drive 5. Set the low temperature: see the operation manual of TCC intelligent temperature controller

from the Datong intersection of the riverside highway to the East, tower cranes stand on the site of Edward heavy industry, Shengshi container, blue island offshore engineering and other projects, and large construction vehicles shuttle back and forth, presenting a hot atmosphere of competing for input, construction and output

on April 27, Honghua offshore oil and gas equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. held a workshop ignition ceremony with different experimental principles of experimental machines with different experimental functions for the phase I project structure, marking Honghua's entry into the production period. The head of the company said that as early as the end of March, Honghua signed a drilling underwriting contract with Shanghai Shipyard for tiger series drilling vessels, with a total amount of more than 300million yuan. According to industry analysis, this is the first time that China's offshore equipment manufacturing enterprises have broken the monopoly pattern of deepwater drilling underwriting by international giants, which is of far-reaching significance

on May 21, at the construction site of Shengshi container with an investment of US $200million, the person in charge of the company said, "Shengshi group stresses efficiency and speed up the progress. It has been speeding up since the first day of breaking the ground. It will be officially put into production in mid June, mainly producing removable pressure vessels, containers, etc., and will strive to ensure sales of 500million yuan this year and 3billion yuan next year."

since 2006, Qidong shipbuilding industry has developed from a Shipbreaking plant with an annual sales of 500000 yuan to a marine equipment base with 20 enterprises and a decisive role in China. At present, nine enterprises in the park have been put into operation, and four enterprises will be put into operation before August this year. In addition, seven enterprises are fully promoting the construction: the Edward heavy industry plant with an investment of 1.5 billion yuan in the first phase has been completed, and the wharf approach bridge, general assembly workshop, warehouse and other projects are being accelerated, and it is planned to be fully completed by the end of June; The first phase of blue island offshore engineering with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan is about to be completed...

"innovation" and "extension" go hand in hand

on February 14, at the 2011 National Science and technology award conference, COSCO offshore engineering, the leading enterprise in Qidong offshore engineering sector, won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, which is the first national science and technology progress highest award won by Nantong and even China's offshore equipment manufacturing enterprises

not only COSCO offshore, but also blue island offshore, daoda heavy industry, Shengshi container and other enterprises are equipped with strong R & D teams, with an annual R & D investment of tens of millions or even billions of yuan. The wide application of new technologies has unleashed great potential in Qidong marine industry. Honghua oil and gas equipment has formed strategic cooperation with international famous offshore engineering design companies such as the United States and Norway. The design of the jackup jack up drilling platform successfully developed has been submitted to ABS for review. Daoda heavy industry established the "Tianjin University daoda Offshore Wind Power Research Institute", and the offshore wind turbine installation technology developed fills the domestic gap. The LNG liquefaction process module developed and constructed by Pacific Ocean Engineering is in a leading position in the world

the rise of the marine industry sector has driven the continuous extension of relevant industrial chains. Edward heavy industries, which is about to be put into production, took precautions. As early as last year, it signed a contract with lion container for three large-scale machinery, and also finalized its cooperation intention with COSCO. Zouqin, the vice president of the company, said that the cooperation with the offshore enterprises in the park has increased their confidence

in fact, the tentacles of Qidong marine engineering industry have already extended beyond the park, becoming the key engine for five hospitals to use this device to drive the local ship accessories industry. On March 15 this year, more than 10 offshore shipbuilding enterprises in Qidong and more than 20 ship supporting enterprises located in Qidong Binhai Industrial Park conducted interactive exchanges and supply-demand docking. Cong Aibing, chairman of Nantong Shengang ship propeller Co., Ltd., revealed that with the rapid development of Qidong offshore heavy equipment industry, they received many orders at the "gate of home" this year: more than 20 sets of daoda heavy industry, more than 10 sets of Jisheng ships...

"service" and "supporting" go hand in hand

Qidong municipal Party committee and government proposed that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the total scale of the offshore industry sector should strive to reach 50billion yuan, Cultivate 3 enterprises with more than 5billion yuan and 10 enterprises with more than 1billion yuan. To this end, Qidong has spared no effort to be a good "housekeeper" and "mother's family" of the enterprise

on May 21, the principals of lion containers, power supply company and the park met with the Management Committee of Donghai shipbuilding industry park to hold a coordination meeting on the power supply of the project. The power supply company originally planned to send power on June 20, but because the enterprise had to put into production in advance, the power on date was finally coordinated to June 11

Zeng Zixiu, executive director of Fengshun Shipping Co., Ltd., told that the company would officially put into production in July. "Such a speed cannot be achieved without the close cooperation and support of relevant departments." In her impression, within 10 working days from the application of the project, the water pipe was laid to the plant, and the electricity was delivered in advance

marine engineering and shipping enterprises should deal with maritime affairs, customs, commodity inspection, ports, water affairs and other departments. Now, if there is a gap between the screw rods, the park management committee will make experimental data in the future. More than 10 staff members of the committee will coordinate and rush about the issues of enterprise safety production, water supply and power supply, sewage discharge and so on every day, strive to straighten out the relationship between all parties, establish and improve the system of service commitment, time limited completion and so on, and ensure that the administrative approval processing cost is the lowest, the time is the shortest, the procedure is the simplest, and the efficiency is the highest

soft power needs hard support. Xuyonghui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qidong offshore Shipbuilding Industrial Park, said that the construction of functional supporting facilities in the park is rapidly following up. At the beginning of this year, the park listed 10 key tasks, of which 6 involved infrastructure construction. At present, the revision of the overall plan and regulatory detailed plan of the park has been completed, and the west section expansion project of Xinxing line and the West Haigong Avenue are being implemented. With the continuous optimization of the park's functional supporting facilities and the continuous improvement of the park's carrying capacity, Qidong's goal of becoming a national leading and world-class marine engineering base will eventually come true

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