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From March to December, the national customs "blue sky 2018" special action to combat the smuggling of "foreign garbage"

the General Administration of Customs deployed this action to focus on combating the illegal activities of smuggling "foreign garbage" through false reports, concealment of product names, concealment, etc., as well as through non customs places at the maritime and land borders

in order to strictly, practically and quickly implement the implementation plan for prohibiting the entry of foreign garbage and promoting the reform of the solid waste import management system, the special action focuses on combating the smuggling of wastes prohibited by the state, mainly the wastes listed in the catalogue of solid wastes prohibited from importing by tightening bolts and other steps, and newly adjust the 24 kinds of solid wastes listed in the catalogue of solid wastes prohibited from importing

Zhang Guangzhi, spokesman of the General Administration of customs, said that through concentrated special crackdowns, all efforts have been made to investigate and deal with the element of fluorine 490.3, a number of major waste smuggling cases have been completed, a number of waste smuggling gangs have been eradicated, a number of waste smuggling channels and chains have been cut off, and "foreign garbage" has been resolutely intercepted outside the country

in the action, the customs will also work with relevant local governments and departments to promote the comprehensive treatment of anti smuggling at the same time. Under the organization and coordination of local governments, the customs will strengthen cooperation with relevant law enforcement departments such as environmental protection and quality inspection, strictly enforce the import and follow-up supervision of solid waste, and centrally clean up and rectify unlicensed, illegally operated and stored "foreign garbage" shops and dens

since the beginning of this year, the development trend of domestic friction and wear testing machines in China. The customs anti smuggling Department has actively strengthened the rolling arrangement of case clues, conducted in-depth operations, expanded line investigations, and concentrated superior forces to attack hard

On February 3, the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs organized the anti smuggling Bureau of the Guangdong Branch, and the anti smuggling bureaus of the customs of Shenzhen, Tianjin, Harbin and Qingdao launched the first round of centralized action against waste smuggling. As of February 27, the national customs has seized 69 cases of waste smuggling this year, and verified more than 50000 tons of waste involved

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