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March had a good start. The "paper" prophet of Chunjiang water heating

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core tip: just after the Spring Festival, international pulp prices have been rising all the way, household paper, cultural paper and packaging paper prices have been collectively driven, paper manufacturers have sent letters of price increase, and paper mills have raised prices and exceeded expectations. On March 1, A-shares had a good start, and paper stocks rose in an all-round way. By the end of the day, Meili Yunfeng board, Yongji shares, Yutong technology, Hongbo shares, etc. rose by more than 5%

[China Packaging News] just after the Spring Festival, the international pulp prices have been rising all the way. The prices of household paper, cultural paper and packaging paper have been collectively driven, and the letter of price increase from paper manufacturers has poured in, and the price increase and performance of paper mills have exceeded expectations. On March 1, A-shares had a good start, and paper stocks rose in an all-round way. By the end of the day, Meili Yunfeng board, Yongji shares, Yutong technology, Hongbo shares, etc. rose by more than 5%. According to different analysis, the technology adopted by securities firm 1 shows that the turbulent market in spring is coming, and the recent shutdown and maintenance of some paper enterprises have led to the contraction of production capacity. At present, it is a better time to allocate the paper sector

international pulp prices soared by 50%

cultural paper white cardboard became expensive

insiders said that March was the traditional peak demand season for cultural paper. After March 1, coated paper and double offset paper products of app, Chenming, sun, China paper industry and other enterprises will all be increased by 100 yuan/ton, reaching a historical high of nearly a decade. All white cardboard products of Chenming, Taiyang, app and Bohui will be increased by 100 yuan/ton. In terms of wrapping paper, nine dragons announced the price increase of 200 yuan/ton on March 5 before the festival

a person in charge of paper procurement in Nanjing told that with the stricter environmental protection policies, China's control over imported foreign garbage, including waste paper, has become more and more strict. Affected by the policy of restricting the import of waste paper, China banned the import of mixed waste paper in 2017, and the total import of waste paper decreased significantly. Affected by this, the price of domestic waste paper rose sharply, and waste paper in many regions generally rose by yuan/ton. In addition, environmental protection has become increasingly stringent, small backward paper mills have been eliminated, the concentration of paper enterprises has been strengthened, and the bargaining power of large paper mills has been further enhanced. In addition, the formal implementation of the new foreign abolition regulations on March 1, 2018 also played a supporting role in this round of price increases. On January 11, 2018, the quality standard of waste paper imported impurities was finally determined to be 0.5%. This new standard was implemented on March 1, 2018, which was significantly reduced from the previous 1.5%. In addition, the country currently implements the waste paper import quota management system, and the above reasons increase the supply cost of raw materials for commercial paper

in addition, international pulp prices began to rise. According to North American long fiber pulp prices, in January 2017, it was $630 per ton, and by January 2018, it had risen to $920. Short fiber pulp also rose from $545 to $805, with both rising trends approaching 50%. According to the analysis of the industry, the first is to focus on the development of high-performance engineering plastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (ABS), polycarbonate, special polyester, etc. for many years, Chile, which accounts for 10% of the global pulp exports, has experienced a forest fire, causing the international pulp price to soar; Second, the e-commerce industry is developed, the volume of express packages is soaring, and the use of cartons is in short supply. Third, due to environmental protection and energy policies in various countries, the review and issuance of new pulp mill licenses have become stricter in recent years, and countries continue to shut down backward production capacity

household paper is easy to sell and has sufficient supply

institutions are optimistic about the performance of paper stocks

yesterday afternoon, I saw in Carrefour supermarket near Hexi street in Nanjing that there is sufficient supply of all kinds of household paper. Supermarket staff told that recently, about 20% more customers bought various paper towels and rolls than in the past. We also see that the supermarket is building a new promotion platform to promote the roll paper of a brand. The original price of 12 rolls of paper in a bag is more than 30 yuan, and the promotion price is 20 yuan. However, the staff of the supermarket said that if more customers buy various household paper, the supermarket will take measures to ensure the supply of goods. In Wuxi's Ruhai supermarket, it was found that relatively more customers bought various household paper. The supermarket staff told that in recent days, more and more people bought paper towels, and the supermarket would load a large number of goods every day

the price rise of paper products is expected to improve, catalyzing the market of the sector. According to the judgment of many securities companies, the price of "national waste (old newspapers and books)" after the holiday is expected to return to the upward trend, and the short-term industry enters the post holiday replenishment stage. With the support of raw material prices, paper stocks are expected to benefit. The achievement of listed paper industry will also bring short-term catalysis. Shanying paper, sun paper, Hongbo Co., Ltd., Chenming paper, Zhongshun jierou, Huatai Co., Ltd. and Bohui paper are recommended

in terms of Hong Kong stocks, on Monday, Nine Dragons Paper released performance data that exceeded the expected growth of 1.26 times. Then on Tuesday, although the Hang Seng index opened higher and lower, the share price of Nine Dragons Paper bucked the trend and rose by more than 8%. Looking back on 2017, China's power battery industry has gone out of the mode of investment for market. In the second half of the year, its revenue increased by 34.1% year-on-year to 25.649 billion yuan; Earnings per share is 0.93 yuan. In addition, although the pressure on pulp prices peaked in the fourth quarter of 2017, making Vida International's 2017 full year profit lower than expected, HSBC still maintained Vida International's "buy" rating and raised the target price to HK $20.1. The target price of improved technology content is still about 30% higher than Thursday's closing price of HK $15.40

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