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Marine scientists invented PVC pipe shark prevention forest

plastic pollution is a major problem in the marine environment. But now, the idea of a marine scientist who "wants to put plastic in the ocean" has attracted attention

Craig o''connell, a Ph.D. and marine scientist from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, hopes to create space for the development of China's plastic machinery dispensing structure, improve the extruder industry, and create a PVC pipe plantation tied to the seabed near the beach. Combined with barium ferrite permanent magnets, "pipe forest" can prevent sharks from approaching swimmers. Craig o''connell is also the founder of the o''seas conservation foundation, a marine conservation foundation

marine scientists invented PVC pipe shark prevention forest

craig o''connell said that this barrier to prevent sharks will not damage the ecological environment and can replace the traditional shark prevention. Shark prevention is often used to prevent sharks from approaching the beach and protect swimmers. It is reported that the traditional shark prevention will kill thousands of sharks, turtles, dolphins and seabirds in eight categories in 2013

Andy postlethwaite, senior vice president of BASF High Performance Materials Asia Pacific, said: "When it comes to the degree of freedom of design, o''connell and 1. The composite oil cylinder with hydraulic clamping and hydraulic punching was adopted. His research team observed that seals often escaped the hunting of sharks by hiding in seaweed, which brought inspiration to them. A series of experiments in artificial seaweed forests in South Africa showed that despite the temptation of salmon, none of the more than 60 sharks participating in the experiment would swim into the magnetized or unmagnetized barrier. Now, the The research team hopes to obtain financing to build an appropriate plastic protective barrier near the beach

pvc pipes are connected through special design, which can swing with the water flow and waves, replicating the effect of sea grass forest

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