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On January 3, the domestic bisphenol a market opened after the festival with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. The domestic bisphenol a market had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and the sellers were generally in a strong mood to push up. Some traders quoted at yuan/ton, and there was a lack of actual transaction negotiations. However, the market atmosphere was much better than that before the festival, and the mentality was positive. It is expected that the market will be further clarified today

in terms of devices, the only BPA friction and wear testing machine with a national mandatory standard in Shanghai Bayer's 110000 ton/year BPA friction and wear testing machine is probably a 4-ball friction and wear testing machine. The device has been discontinued at the last point for about a month. At present, the manufacturer does not offer a quotation, but only supplies contract customers; About 70% of the two 41000 ton/year BPA units in Wuxi resin plant have been started. The factory has no clear quotation, and the actual delivery is subject to the market. It is expected that the quotation will be resumed within this week

the market atmosphere of epichlorohydrin related products is general, the mainstream quotation in the market is still between yuan/ton, the quotation of domestic manufacturers is uneven, the focus of market intention negotiation is between yuan/ton, the downstream exploratory inquiry, and the trading situation is general

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