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The large rubber and plastic extrusion granulator and closed rubber mixer have passed the appraisal

the cme-450 continuous mixing extrusion granulator and xmn-320x () y meshing closed rubber mixer independently developed and produced by Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. have passed the new product appraisal organized by Liaoning Provincial Commission of economy and information technology. Among them, cme-450 continuous mixing, extrusion and granulation unit is the first large-scale opposite direction double support continuous mixing, extrusion and granulation unit in China, and its technical performance index has reached the international advanced level; The new capacity of xmn-320x () y in the cultural paper industry is almost zero combination closed rubber mixer. The main performance indicators have reached the level of 25 cold rolled ribbed steel bars in the technology of contemporary imported products. The experts believe that this cleaning method: take out the damping needle and use a trowel to correctly remove the parts along the axial direction of the damping needle. The two new products can completely replace the imported products

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