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Focusing on IOT AI services, yunzhisheng "core" set sail

the spring breeze is warm and colorful, and it is the most beautiful April day in the world. On April 21, on the occasion of relocating to the new location, yunzhisheng held a small media communication meeting in the sun palace TPV building, the new location of its headquarters in Beijing. Huang Wei, CEO of yunzhisheng, announced at the scene that the brand positioning of yunzhisheng will be comprehensively upgraded to focus on IOT AI services. Based on this positioning, yunzhisheng has created three product solutions: AI core, aiui (Intelligent Interaction) and aiservice (Intelligent Cloud Service), which have been used in smart home, smart car, intelligent medical The four fields of intelligent education have become a complementary place to the national graphene Research Institute, forming a complete cloud core ecosystem

the first new: xiqian new address

yunzhisheng was founded in 2012. At the beginning of its establishment, it was called a technology monster and an industry catfish by the media, and quickly grew into a well-known technology platform company in the industry. In the past four years, Yun Zhisheng has gone from dozens of square meters of residential buildings to thousands of square meters of tall office buildings; From a small team of more than 10 people to a medium-sized enterprise with hundreds of people; Yun Zhisheng, a poetic name, has also become an influential brand in the AI industry. Every migration has witnessed the growth of Yun Zhisheng, from the humble residential houses to today's bright office buildings. Yunzhisheng team always sticks together, giving, sharing and harvesting

greatly reduces the dispersion rate of O entering the interior of materials through these shortcomings

the second new: brand upgrading avoids what problems appear in the later stage

AI has made breakthrough progress in recent years, and yunzhisheng has also ushered in a new strategic upgrade under the tide of vigorous development of the industry, focusing on AI services of IOT. Huang Wei said that the reason for such positioning is the objective understanding and judgment of yunzhisheng on the industry

Huang Wei said that Internet has experienced pc internet and mobile Internet, and now it is moving towards the era of intelligent connection of all things. And perceptual intelligence is the foundation of artificial intelligence. Speaking of this, Huang Wei took Watson and alphago as examples to explain in simple terms what is artificial intelligence. The most important thing of AI is the way and ability to obtain data. Relying on human data annotation and relying on perception to obtain data are two different ways. It is also the fundamental difference between AI and AI. Yunzhisheng automatically obtains data through the layout of IOT. In the future, it will progress from equipment centric to user centric and data centric. All things will become active in serving human beings. They sense your life indicators through chips and actively provide the most comfortable services. If you are thirsty, a robot will automatically send water, if you are hungry, an electric cooker will automatically cook, if you are hot, the air conditioner will automatically turn on to cool down, and even the light will become bright or dim with the external light and your needs. For these, you don't need to input any instructions manually or in language, just enjoy the future intelligently. This is the vision of yunzhisheng and the experience that yunzhisheng brings to users by focusing on IOT AI services

third new: layout AI chip

at the product level, the three solutions of AI chip, aiui and aiservice support the landing and implementation of cloud Zhisheng core technology. At present, it has been widely used in the fields of home, automobile, medical treatment and education, forming a complete cloud core ecological closed loop

in the era of IOT, AI core is the brain of devices and the source of intelligence. FVM of AI core is used to solve the problem of perception of different forms of intelligent terminals and solve the problem of ears. IVM of AI core currently provides a multi chip solution. By reasonably combining different hardware platforms and aiui versions under different systems, it can provide voice interaction, IO control and content linking capabilities. 1. Overview of carton detection equipment to meet the interaction needs of intelligent hardware at different prices and scenarios

at present, these chip based integrated software and hardware solutions have been widely used in the field of smart home. They have reached cooperation with Midea, Gree, vatti, Hisense and other well-known brands and jointly created many benchmark products

at the media communication meeting on the 21st, Huang Wei, CEO of yunzhisheng, also revealed that yunzhisheng completed a b+ round of financing of tens of millions of dollars in 2015. Financing money in the cold winter of capital further reflects the recognition and affirmation of the capital market for yunzhisheng technology and products as well as the future development direction

since its establishment, yunzhisheng has developed rapidly and received extensive attention from the AI industry and capital market. It has accumulated financing of nearly US $100 million and more than 20000 partners. It has been selected as one of the top 50 fastest-growing technology companies in China by Forbes for two consecutive years. It is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the AI industry in China

from last year's yunzhisheng brand launch, everything new saw the value of sound to this year's yunzhisheng brand upgrade, yunzhisheng has never forgotten its original intention and firmly believes that technology will change life and the future. Through IOT and AI, yunzhisheng connects people and services, providing users with simple, convenient, accurate and efficient interactive experience and services

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Huang Wei introduction:

doctor of China University of science and technology, postdoctoral fellow of School of life science and technology of Shanghai Jiaotong University, worked as a senior researcher of Motorola China Research Center after graduation, during which he developed the world's first voiceprint certification system. Later, he served as the core executive of Shanda Innovation Institute and established the voice branch. At the end of 2013, he joined yunzhisheng and served as CEO, responsible for the development strategy and operation management strategic planning of yunzhisheng. Since participating in the project research, he has obtained product achievements in many fields, such as medical treatment, management information system, natural science, voice, games, etc. from 2010 to 2012, he has successively won the first place in the speaker recognition evaluation (nistsre) project of the National Bureau of standards and technology of the United States. He is also the only Chinese who has been a keynote speaker in NIST evaluation for two consecutive years. Once won the title of top ten leading talents in science and technology entrepreneurship in Shanghai

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