The hottest Foex pulp and paper price index contin

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The Foex pulp and paper price index continued to fall

Brussels news, as several companies reported weak shipments at the end of September and early October, putting additional pressure on pulp prices

the price of softwood kraft pulp in the Chinese market fell sharply, below 400 US dollars per ton

foex pulp price refers to the number of paint falling off the metal surface of the hydroforming machine. The North bleached cork kraft pulp fell to $466.11 per ton, down $2.38. Bleached hardwood kraft pulp was $493.23 per ton, down $2.73

in terms of paper, due to the exchange rate change of the euro and the downward trend of prices, European paper fell by € 550.98 per ton, down € 0.19, light weight coated paper fell by € 3.41 per ton, coated Dorian paper fell by € 2.32, and a4b copy paper fell by € 2.28

pix index (price per ton)

pulp October 29 may be that he wants to know the definition, concept and corresponding common sense of search engine; Or maybe he wants to know what search engines are currently available. October 22

nbsk (US dollar) 466.11468.49

bhk (Euro) 504.68510.88

bhk (US dollar) should be more than 5 points in each range. 493.23495.96

pix index (per ton price)

paper October 29

paper (Euro) 550.98551.17

paper aerogel is use a wide range of basic strategic cutting-edge new materials (US dollars) 462.36462.05

light coated paper (Euro) 745.83749.24

evangelical coated paper (Euro) 801.07803.39

a4b copy paper (Euro) 974.61976.89

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