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Focusing on smart logistics, SEER was invited to participate in the theme forum "AGV technology and flexible logistics application". On September 1, 2020 ites Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and the 21st SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition) opened grandly in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

as the first equipment manufacturing event held in JG 3035 (1) 996 area of building curtain wall in South China after the epidemic, ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition closely followed the trend of manufacturing recovery. With the theme of "new focus" making football from the outermost layer, new ideas, new future - 5g drive, medical empowerment ", it joined hands with 1175 high-quality manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to jointly display cutting-edge equipment and technology application solutions for manufacturing practitioners in an all-round way, Build an efficient technology and business exchange platform

during the exhibition on September 2, the theme forum of "AGV technology and flexible logistics application" created by ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition was also held as scheduled. Around the latest aging process of mobile robots, new technologies, market trends, innovative applications and other topics, combined with a series of new technologies such as industrial interconnection and cloud computing, we will discuss the transformation of intelligent logistics technology and application with 3C electronics, automobiles, household appliances and other end users

seer, as a well-known enterprise and industry technical benchmark providing control and scheduling in the mobile robot industry, was invited to attend this forum. Mr. renzhenbin, product director of seer, made a keynote speech on "making smart manufacturing simpler" at the meeting, and discussed the development trend, problems faced by China's smart Logistics with other excellent enterprises, industry experts and end-user representatives Solutions and the value that SEER brings to customers

Mr. Ren Zhenbin said that with the continuous upgrading of technology, in order to solve the problems of labor shortage and rising employment costs in the manufacturing industry, it will promote the surge of industrial mobile robots; At the same time, the degree of production automation has been very high. How to improve the intelligent logistics in the factory will become the key to the implementation of intelligent manufacturing

Mr. Ren Zhenbin also analyzed many problems encountered in the upgrading of smart logistics in the factory at present, and how to quickly create a customized high-performance and unified scheduling mobile robot, as well as how to create a business module that comprehensively and quickly adapts to the existing process and facilitates the secondary development of the digital system, are the key issues

for this reason, SEER has created a full perception logistics system solution, including General Amr controller, visual industrial system software, intelligent vision solution and standard AMR car body including automatic forklift, to provide customers in various industries with one-stop solutions and services, and is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry informatization, digitization and intelligence

among them, SRC core controller, thanks to its excellent adaptability, rich and comprehensive functions, and powerful secondary development ability, helps customers build various types of high-performance laser slam mobile robots. In addition, at the upcoming 2020 Industrial Expo, SEER will launch the world's first AMR dedicated safety controller, which integrates navigation, safety and multi-function. It is obtaining SGS international safety certification. Material manufacturers usually use spray plating and will comply with IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and IEC 13849 standards

at the same time, SEER has been committed to building a visual industrial information system software that best meets customers' expectations. During the Industrial Expo, SEER enterprise enhanced digitization MP (seed) will be grandly released. At the meeting, Mr. Ren Zhenbin briefly introduced the information of this upcoming new product, in which the unconventional product advantages such as low code action engine and web-based high-performance 3D scene display won the high attention and praise of the audience. For more information about this product, SEER will make a more comprehensive release at the 2020 Industrial Expo

finally, Mr. Ren Zhenbin shared the successful application cases of SEER full perception logistics system solutions in 3C electronics, automobile manufacturing, food processing and many other industries. Seer has been actively practicing the concept of "making intelligent manufacturing easier", insisting on finding breakthroughs in customer needs and their own multi-level needs, focusing on industrial intelligence, carrying out open innovation, and creating value for partners

about SEER

Shanghai SEER Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SEER) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent production and intelligent logistics. Its business covers general AMR controllers, automatic forklifts, visual industrial system software and intelligent vision solutions. It provides one-stop solutions and services for customers in various industries and is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry informatization, digitization and intelligence

from finding needs to solving needs, from solving needs to creating needs, SEER insists on finding breakthroughs in customer needs and its own multi-level needs, focusing on industrial intelligence, carrying out open innovation, and creating value for partners

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