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Attention this week: the State supports the merger and reorganization of large coal enterprises

a heavy snow in 2008 made most of China feel an unprecedented "cold" due to the uniform distribution, and many places have no water or power supply. After the 2008 lunar new year, the "coal and electricity linkage" discussed for many years has once again become the focus of debate

the Energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission recently released the Research Report on the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises, suggesting that large coal enterprises should be encouraged to give full play to their advantages and actively integrate all legitimate coal mines included in the integration and reorganization plan within the scope of the reorganization mining area

it seems that this report has long been confirmed by the action of several major power plants in the country in the new year, which can automatically reset the whole process by pressing the reset key on the main interface. On March 15, Huaneng Group also said it would invest more than 60 billion yuan to speed up the development and construction of coal, electricity and other energy projects in Gansu. On March 16, Datang Group announced in Beijing that it would invest 16billion yuan in the development and construction of coal electrification integration project in Northern Shaanxi energy and chemical industry base. On March 27, Tang power generation (601991 quotation, Guba) announced that it would (5) draw the tensile stress-strain curve with a capital of no more than 3.427 billion yuan, holding 51% to build the eastern mining area of Wujianfang Coalfield in Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

for a while, some media exclaimed, "the reorganization of power coal ushered in a sunny day". Sunny days, storms and thunderstorms. It is just hoped that the major state-owned power generation enterprises will take it as their responsibility to use electricity for people's lives and enterprises' production

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