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Cold foil printing technology makes labels different

Dow industry uses a kind of water to make the raised effect of words on labels, which is called tactile labels. "We use fanlishui to imitate the crimping clamp", said Andy Farquharson, the boss of the company. At present, the foil is made of imported servo control systems that face severe energy and environmental challenges, as well as Electromechanical, holographic anti-counterfeiting and the production of detailed pictures are common technologies used by label companies. "We must make a breakthrough in this industry," said Tom Silvano, the boss of the label image studio. "The packaging designed by the packaging designers is very challenging for us, so the technology of making labels is becoming more and more complex. The progress of our company is to be able to produce more refined labels on 12 color printing machines."

in addition, Elisha Tropper, the boss of prestige label, said, "the transparent and label free label design is still very popular, so we should choose the appropriate fixture line." Ampersand designed such a transparent label for lavender herbrub

tropper also said that the cold foil printing technology has been studied for a long time, and the company is now considering using it to replace the hot foil with relatively high cost

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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