Analysis and prediction of the growth rate of the

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Analysis and prediction of the growth rate of the European polymer market

while the pressure cap made of 5-axis additive can withstand the pressure of 3.7MPa. Applied market information (AMI), an industry analysis agency, recently released its 2013 European plastic industry report, pointing out that the growth of polymer demand in Europe in 2013 is expected to be the same as that in 2012. According to AMI calculation, the current market demand for thermoplastics in Europe is 36.5 million tons, still lower than the highest value of 40million tons in 2007

affected by the global financial crisis, the European plastic industry showed a downward trend in 2008 and 2009. Although it recovered during 2010 and 2011, the European plastic industry lost its upward momentum in the fourth quarter of 2011 due to the European debt crisis. The decline in demand during the year was not as severe as in. Polymer manufacturers and processors were also more experienced in inventory management and did not fall into trouble as in 2008. However, the decline in government spending and the lack of manufacturing and consumer confidence still led to a 1% increase in polymer demand compared with 2012

over the past five years, the European polymer market has undoubtedly faced difficulties. After experiencing a decline, most companies have continued to develop through new technologies, new materials and new applications. They are more experienced in cost control and capital protection, and are more cautious and wise in investment. In addition, according to AMI, the European plastic industry is currently at the bottom of the cycle, and demand is expected to improve from 2014

Germany, the engine of European chemical industry and plastic industry, is the strongest force in the Western European market. Although the consumption of polymer in Germany decreased slightly in 2012, its current market demand remains at about 8.2 million tons, which is a little different from that in 2007. Small and medium-sized processors support the entire German market

the central European polymer market also shows a continuous growth momentum, although some small countries are still vulnerable to the external environment. Poland is the only country in Europe that has not entered recession technically since 2007. Although polymer demand growth stalled and the automotive industry contracted, Poland's equipment manufacturing and consumer packaging industries remained optimistic. On the other hand, the automotive industry maintains the demand for polymers in other central and Eastern European countries, especially Slovakia and Hungary

in terms of application, the demand for polymers in the packaging field remained stable in 2012. In Europe, the demand for polymers in the packaging field accounts for nearly 50%. Reduction, lightweight and the use of recycled materials have begun to affect the overall demand for pure resins, but material substitution and the development of new products also bring opportunities for pure resins, such as using PET bottles instead of glass bottles to package alcoholic beverages; Replace glass and tin cans with spacers and multiple layers of hard and soft materials

although AMI predicts that the European polymer market is expected to resume growth next year, it also points out that there will be winners and losers in the plastic industry at that time. The polymer demand of southern European countries will continue to shrink, because its economic structure is being readjusted, while the economies of Germany and Northern European markets (Benelux, UK, Nordic markets) are good, and the polymer demand growth will at least be consistent with GDP

driven by the continuous growth of investment in automobile and electronic products manufacturing, the growth rate of polymer market in Central European countries will continue to maintain good, but it is unlikely to exceed the GDP growth rate. Therefore, the demand situation of the European plastic industry may return to the level of 2007 only in 2020 or after 2020

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