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Focus: the interior wall coating market is impacted by new wall materials

focus: the interior wall coating market is impacted by new wall materials

May 26, 2014

[9. Mainframe China coating information] with the changes in consumption habits and consumption trends, wall materials have developed diversified, and wallpaper, diatom mud, and seaweed mud are hot, even causing the media and the industry to use words such as "food grabbing" and "three pillars" to describe wallpaper The impact of new wall materials such as diatom mud on the latex paint market. In the Chinese wall decoration market, latex paint has always had an unshakable dominant position. In recent years, with the strong rise of wallpaper, many insiders worry that wall paint will gradually be replaced by wallpaper

in addition, we also see that in addition to continuing to launch interior wall paint products with various functions, national representative paint enterprises such as Metz, bards and garberry have also begun to set foot in the field of new wall materials such as wallpaper, diatom mud and algae mud. Does this indicate that the interior wall paint market has been "impacted" by new wall materials

in recent years, with the emergence of functional coatings, especially the innovation of interior wall paint, in addition to environmental protection, it also has the functions of moisture-proof, scrub resistance, purification and taste purification. Whether from the perspective of function, aesthetics, price and other aspects, interior wall coating has the potential to better protect the life of the experimental machine than wallpaper. Let's take a look at the evaluation of wallpaper by relevant heads of domestic and foreign coating enterprises:

Lin Liangqi, head of AkzoNobel decorative paint China, said that there is a misunderstanding. When it comes to high-end walls, you first think of wallpaper. Although wallpaper has many advantages, But in wet places or the long rainy season in the south, it is easy to grow mold and insects; Sticking wallpaper will use glue, which will cause certain air pollution; If the wallpaper is old, replacement is a big project, so from the perspective of environmental protection, energy conservation and economy, the coating is much higher than the wallpaper. In fact, paint can also paint artistic effects, which is not inferior to wallpaper. Like Dulux's art paint, we call it texture paint. There are a total of 6 kinds of decorative effects, which are very good for making background walls

Liu Fang, director of Hongchang chemical decoration paint business department, said that in recent years, with the development and progress of coating technology, the coating industry has made great improvements in color, process and other aspects according to the changes in market demand and consumers' consumption habits. The color has become more and more rich, the patterns are diverse, three-dimensional, and the product line is very complete. Painting on the wall can show a variety of effects and styles, such as classical Chinese Elegant and fresh, modern fashion, etc., can be comparable to wallpaper, and even surpass wallpaper in many aspects

Hu Tiecheng, the person in charge of Jiabaoli paint, said that the technical requirements of wallpaper decoration construction are high, and the skill of construction personnel directly affects the beauty and service life of wallpaper. For example, if the glue used for pasting is not good, it is easy to roll up and fall off. The inner and outer aluminum profiles can be anodized or electrostatic powder sprayed on the profiles, resulting in a short service life of wallpaper. If too much glue is applied, which leads to overflow, and the subsequent treatment fails to clean it with a sponge dipped in water in time, the joint will show signs of yellowing after a few days. However, the construction difficulty of coating decoration is much smaller. As long as the putty is evenly applied, the base course is cleaned and the coating is avoided to be too sticky, there will be no problems such as blistering of paint surface, wrinkle of paint film and watermark

in addition, in terms of price, according to the simple cost calculation of wallpaper, coating and construction prices in the market, the price of a roll of medium-grade wallpaper means that a large number of materials containing hbcdd are released into the air or accumulated in the building for about 100 yuan. If a small roll of wallpaper is used to make a wall of 5 square meters, it will cost about 6000 yuan to build a house of 100 square meters. The use of medium-grade emulsion paint in a 100 square meter house, including auxiliary materials and labor costs, will not exceed 5000 yuan. For the decoration of the same grade, the cost of wallpaper is slightly higher than that of latex paint

the "red explosion" of diatom mud has something to do with environmental protection. "Purifying the air, adjusting humidity, sound insulation and heat preservation, fire prevention and flame retardance, sterilization and disinfection, wall self-cleaning" these almost perfect functions are almost all included by diatom mud. In the era when consumers pay more and more attention to the safety of home environment, diatom mud undoubtedly pokes the "pain point" of consumers

however, although the raw materials used in diatom mud are pure natural materials, they are not necessarily green products. On September 1st, 2013, China's first diatom mud industry standard "diatom mud decorative wall material" issued by China Building Materials Federation was officially issued, which clearly defined diatom mud and made clear provisions on its usability, functionality and environmental protection. This standard defines diatom mud for the first time: a dry powder interior wall decoration coating material prepared with inorganic cementitious material as the main bonding material and diatom material as the main functional filler. Among them, the so-called "diatom mud" with white cement, putty powder, gypsum and other gel as the main raw materials has also entered the "diatom mud industry standard" grandly. Experts said that in this way, many enterprises producing "diatom mud" can meet the standard by adding a little "detectable" diatomite in the diatom mud, which is really too low

due to the large market and few brands, the competition is not fierce at present. Although the layout of diatom mud production enterprises began to spread from Jilin Province, the main source of diatomite, to the whole country, the development of diatom mud is still in its infancy compared with coating enterprises and brands with a large number and basic scale and basically saturated market development, both in terms of the number of enterprises and dealers

diatom mud enterprises have not formed a perfect system in many aspects, such as new product research and development, production equipment, product diversification, brand advertising, terminal shopping guide specialization, construction standardization, after-sales service and so on. The weak scientific research and development strength, insufficient capital investment and slow technological progress of diatom mud production enterprises are the obstacles to the development of diatom mud enterprises at present. Latex paint has perfect technology, production equipment and production scale, while the "diatom mud" industry does not currently. With the increasingly perfect and mature coating technology, especially the great progress in green environmental protection technology, coating products have the functions of effectively decomposing formaldehyde, regulating air humidity, absorbing noise and so on, which can not be replaced by wallpaper, diatom mud and other new wall materials

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