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Focus on professional hardware tools to seek a breakthrough in segmentation

at present, it is a relatively mature industry in China. In order to develop in such an environment, enterprises must seek a way out of the segmented market. After going through the initial stage, the development stage and the mature stage, an industry often enters the stage of refined development. Zhangjiagang coast hardware tools factory has been committed to the production and sales of pliers hand hardware tools since its establishment. Its professional excellence has made it a leader in the industry in terms of technology, quality, R & D and service

the hardware industry is a labor-intensive industry. Due to China's advantages in raw material prices and low labor costs, the products of Chinese enterprises occupy a large international market space, and the market competition is also extremely fierce. "As a mature industry, customers generally have fixed suppliers, so it is not easy to develop new customers." Coast hardware salesman Ren Yang said. On the basis of all kinds of hardware tools that are often littered, landfilled, or polluted the sea and rivers, coastal hardware has won its own market space by making a breakthrough in pliers hand tools, applying cutting-edge technology, and relying on stable product quality, punctual delivery, complete product varieties, and being able to well meet the needs of customers

in recent years, foreign trade enterprises are facing the impact of adverse factors such as rising prices of raw materials, changes in tax rebate policies, and rising exchange rates, resulting in a serious loss of customers. "By strengthening advantageous businesses, improving product structure and strengthening cost control." In the same way, among the products that improve the carrying capacity, coast hardware can still maintain its price advantage with its strength and grasp of the market; In addition, it is also an important measure to continue the technical transformation of pliers, unswervingly adhere to quality first and ensure customer service when the external environment is poor

difficult times are also the most critical period to test an enterprise. According to the analysis of professionals, first, meet the needs of different parts in the automotive industry; Some hardware enterprises with low technology and small scale will be phased out. At this time, "it is also very important for an enterprise to make a correct marketing strategy and implement it step by step and in a planned way."

professional because of concentration. After entering the market segmentation, enterprises must abandon the idea of being eager for quick success and instant benefit, and seek breakthroughs in a specific field. As a professional enterprise, its products are bound to be widely recognized and favored by the market

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