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Focusing on the security effect, we are deeply convinced that the next generation firewall products have the first market share

according to the "China IT security hardware market tracking report in the first quarter of 2020" released by the authoritative Consulting Agency International Data Corporation (IDC), we are deeply convinced that the next generation firewall products rank first with a market share of 15.4%

the reason behind the first market share is that we are deeply convinced that the next generation firewall will focus on providing better security protection effect for a long time. With the continuous upgrading of security requirements and the evolution of advanced threats, users' demands for security protection have become higher and higher. We are deeply convinced that the advantages of good security effects shown by products bring key value to users and are widely recognized

ingenuity to create security effects

better respond to threat changes

in recent years, the black industry has been growing, with endless attack methods and growing security threats. Take blackmail virus as an example. In 2019, CNCERT captured more than 731000 blackmail viruses, an increase of more than 4 times over 2018. (the data comes from the summary of China's Internet security situation in 2019). In the face of complex changes in threats, users face challenges in security management. We are convinced to continue to improve the security effect and help users cope with security challenges:

1 Threats change quickly and require higher detection capabilities

with the evolution of technology, the cost of threats is constantly decreasing. A virus forms a new virus through simple shelling, and an illegal malicious request forms a new request through simple changes. Even simple changes, many protection products still need to wait for the rule base and cloud intelligence to be updated before they can be detected (the update cycle may be as long as a week). Although some products introduce traffic models to detect new threats, the resulting false positive rate makes users dare not use it

deeply convinced focuses on security threat changes, integrates breakthrough achievements into the next generation of firewall products, and effectively protects against changing threats:

(1) synchronization of global unknown threats within 5 minutes

deeply convinced self-developed cloud top ten engines, covering intelligent intelligence analysis, in-depth learning analysis, outgoing DDoS analysis, external scanning analysis, malicious download analysis, cloud sandbox detection and other comprehensive detection dimensions, Complete the synchronization of unknown threats of underground generation firewalls around the world in 5 minutes. The next generation firewall deployed locally can quickly identify new threats without updating rules through self-developed artificial intelligence save engine and refined features and self-learning model, breaking through the problems of low detection rate and high energy consumption in the industry. In particular, the detection of extortion virus has achieved 99.99% accurate identification without false positives in the comparison test of millions of extortion software samples

add a large capacity electrolytic capacitor to the front end of lm7805 for low-frequency wave building

(2) the positioning accuracy of the lost host is as high as 99.7%

deeply convinced that DGA dynamic domain name, DNS hidden tunnel and other detection technologies are innovatively integrated into the next generation of firewall products to quickly and accurately locate the lost host

2. Attack focus, business security protection is upgraded to continuous confrontation

with the value of nearly 100 kinds of metal and non-metal standard experimental method data pre installed in the business, the attack target is more focused, and the attacker is constantly penetrating business vulnerabilities. The intrusion protection of the business has been upgraded to continuous confrontation, while the security protection of the boundary is based on the feature library of business vulnerabilities, which cannot deeply analyze the real vulnerability of the business, resulting in easy bypassing by attackers and unable to continue confrontation

deeply convinced to focus on business security issues, integrate breakthrough achievements into next-generation firewall products, and achieve business continuity confrontation:

through the development of intelligent semantic engine and web business self-learning mechanism, we can deeply identify business security issues, quickly and accurately distinguish between normal access and threat behavior, and the detection rate of advanced threats such as protocol bypass and code injection is as high as 91.7%

3. Threats are easy to spread and require higher timeliness

threats that are diffuse and difficult to identify are invading user networks on a large scale, and these threats come from hosts, networks, network boundary firewalls, terminal security components, networks and security management platforms in different regions, which increases the difficulty of user security management. For example, after identifying the network threat through the firewall, it is still difficult to trace and dispose on the terminal, while other security detection components cannot link with the boundary firewall after discovering the threat, resulting in the continuous spread of the threat

deeply convinced to focus on threat disposal, integrate breakthrough achievements into next-generation firewall products, and realize rapid threat blocking:

(1) quick one click disposal of risk terminals

deeply convinced of the analysis ability of next-generation firewall to aggregate network traffic characteristics and terminal file characteristics, trace terminal problems to every original process, and link terminal security software for one click disposal

(2) multi component linkage spontaneously blocks threat proliferation

deeply convinced that the next generation firewall opens restful API interface to realize the centralized management of different log centers and security management platforms; At the same time, it has the linkage of multiple security components, including sandbox, honeypot, situational awareness, terminal access and other products. When other components find problems, the next generation firewall will automatically block it, becoming an automatic gate for the spread of threats between different regions

capabilities continue to upgrade

have been widely recognized by users

it is precisely because of the focus on security effects that we are deeply convinced that continuous innovation in the security capabilities of the next generation of firewalls can enable graphics to be displayed at the best scale, break through technical barriers, and obtain the recognition of ICSA, OWASP and other international authorities. More users choose to be deeply convinced. Up to now, we are deeply convinced that the next generation firewall has 60000 + devices operating stably, covering the whole industry, and has won the recognition of many users at all levels of government units, education, medical treatment, large enterprises, finance and so on. It is widely used in Internet export, foreign business release, sub Shandong Sida high-tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production: tensile test machine support institutions, data centers, IOT and other scenes

in addition, according to the data of International Data Corporation (IDC), in the first quarter of 2020, Shenxin behavior management and VPN had the first market share in the field of secure content management and VPN respectively. Deeply convinced that we will adhere to the security concept of effective protection for the future, constantly update technology, continuously enhance security capabilities, more effectively help users resist security threats, and provide continuous security protection for more user businesses

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