Analysis and prediction of the consumption of the

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Analysis and prediction of whiteboard consumption

the release date will cause the buffer failure period: Source: Gaoyan zhuochuang papermaking

the domestic market demand for whiteboard grew slowly in 2004, with an average annual growth rate of 5.93% for four consecutive years. With the upgrading of consumption, the shortage of waste paper supply, the transformation of the paper industry in Zhejiang Province, and the promotion of white card instead of whiteboard, zhuochuang predicts that the consumption of whiteboard will remain stable in 2021

the change torque mentioned by the sample also changed. Data monitoring: the consumption of white board was not high in 2016, mainly due to the pressure on the price of white board, it was difficult to increase the price of white board, and the paper mill reduced the production appropriately. In, the growth rate of whiteboard was limited, mainly due to the difficulty in approving foreign waste, the rise of raw materials, the pressure on the profits of the paper mill, and the inactive production scheduling. In 2019, the output of low-grade white board paper increased, and the price difference with white board paper was large. Part of the demand was transferred to white board paper. However, due to the capacity recession in Zhejiang, the market supply decreased significantly compared with 2018, and the increment of white board paper consumption was limited. In 2020, the production capacity in Zhejiang continued to decline, the market supply continued to decrease, and the impact of public health events reduced domestic and international demand. At the same time, under the impact of the ban on waste at the end of the second half of the year, the price of whiteboard continued to rise, and the consumption of whiteboard gradually recovered, but it still maintained a slow increase due to the impact of the supply side

does the metallographic microscope need cleaning during the Spring Festival in 2019? The monthly consumption of whiteboard changed greatly before and after the Spring Festival. Due to the increase in demand before the Spring Festival and the replenishment after the Spring Festival, the consumption increased significantly. Take a detailed look at the consumption of whiteboard paper in 2020: the monthly consumption fell sharply, with the lowest point in February. The consumption was only 286400 tons, a decrease of 277400 tons compared with the same period last year, and a decrease of 49.04% compared with January. Mainly due to the impact of domestic health events, the resumption of the paper mill was postponed, and the downstream insisted on the prudent promise of sustainable development, and the enthusiasm to participate in the market was not high. Since April, with the recovery of downstream demand, the market trading volume has increased, and the consumption of whiteboard has gradually increased. However, due to the decline of production capacity in Zhejiang at the beginning of the year, the market supply is insufficient, and the monthly consumption is still 37200 tons lower than that in the same period last year. Since June, white cardboard has been rising continuously, and the price difference between white cardboard and white cardboard has gradually opened. At the same time, from September, early production capacity has been transferred to Shandong, Henan and other places. It is expected that by December, under the influence of stock preparation for the Spring Festival and the new year, the consumption of white cardboard will reach the highest point

in recent years, the domestic dependence on the export of whiteboard has remained at 8%-14%. In 2020, affected by the global public health events, the domestic production capacity retreated, the export volume of whiteboard continued to decrease, and the export dependence decreased significantly. Domestic whiteboard exports are not dependent, and zhuochuang predicts that domestic whiteboard exports will continue to decrease in 2021, with limited impact on domestic paper prices, due to good domestic paper prices and tight supply in the first half of 2021

it is estimated that there will be little change in the production and sales of the whiteboard industry in 2021. As the whiteboard production capacity in Zhejiang Province is fully vacated and part of the production capacity is transferred, it is expected to be put into production in the second half of the year. In addition, under the influence of the waste ban, high-quality waste paper is mostly concentrated in large-scale paper mills, and the output of low-grade white board may be affected. It is expected that the consumption of white board in 2021 will maintain a small increase compared with that in 2020

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