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Focusing on practical management, Lide Huafu developed front-line forces

at 1:00 p.m. on August 8, 2006, the production director's office and the first manufacturing department took the lead in organizing a welding labor skills competition. Chairman Jiang Jizeng personally visited the competition site for guidance. Zhang Xiaofeng, director of the general manager's office, Hu Chuansheng, production director and other leaders of relevant departments watched the competition process. Through this competition, the production management department not only found the technical backbone in business, but also enhanced the team spirit of the team, forming a good working atmosphere of catching up with each other and solidarity

this competition takes high quality and short time as the winning conditions. In order to reflect the principles of science, rationality, impartiality and openness, the evaluation team is composed of engineers from the technology and process department and the quality management department. Engineers strictly supervised the whole process from the forming of components to the completion of welding; Then, the engineer will inspect the quality of the semi-finished plate after welding; Finally, the evaluation team will determine the final score of the participating employees based on the results of quality and speed

this week. At the award ceremony, Hu Chuansheng, production director, said: "The competition is just a means to promote everyone's continuous learning and progress. The ultimate goal is that employees should find out their own shortcomings through the competition and make targeted improvement. This competition has achieved good results. Through the competition, the management of the production system has obtained the most real operation data of front-line employees. All functional departments should use this evaluation data to improve management quality and efficiency, and make the management of the production workshop more standardized and rationalized 。 In the future, we will not provide solutions for a series of industrial markets related to personal health, such as automobile, packaging, medical care, household appliances and construction. Only one manufacturing department, and the second manufacturing department and other functional departments will carry out similar skill competitions to improve product quality, identify problems and solve problems in time. "

later, Li Yun, director of the first manufacturing department of Hu Zonghe, specially communicated face-to-face with several employees with poor performance in this competition to help them analyze the reasons and put forward suggestions and opinions for improvement. In addition, the experienced employees not only shared their experience and skills with high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, but also formed a one-on-one team under the arrangement of the leaders to help the backward employees make common progress. Everyone said that they must study hard and strive to improve their work skills in the future

within this month, the manufacturing department has successively organized two skill competitions of transformer winding and plug-in, which have achieved the expected results. The competition not only promoted the employees, Mr. remisalomon also emphasized actively improving the skill level, but also significantly improved the overall work efficiency of the production system. More importantly, it provided quality assurance for the company's products to participate in market competition

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