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Folding packaging box structure

patent name folding packaging box structure patent applicant Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. main applicant address: Taiwan, China inventor Wang Meifang application (patent) No 6 application date 2004.06.09 date of issuance approval Announcement No. 272 market collaboration further improved modified plastic 7064 approval announcement date 2005.09.21 instruction CD No. d0538 main classification No. b65d5/00 classification No. b65d5/00; B65D81/02; The utility model is a folding and pasting packaging structure, which mainly includes: the first plane, the second plane, the first folding side, the second folding side, the opening, the folding surface, the sticking surface and the extension body, etc. the folding and pasting packaging structure can be integrally formed to manufacture materials. When in use, only the first folding side and the second folding side need to be erected. When the wireless base station is placed from the side, The folding surface can indeed lean against the position of the fixed wireless base station, so that it will not be damaged by shaking, and because the folding packaging box structure has a protruding structure on each axis in the three-dimensional six degree space, it can ensure its shockproof and positioning effect. Claim 1. A folding packaging box structure, which is characterized by comprising: a first plane; A second plane with an extension; At least one first folded side, the first folded side is adjacent to the second plane with a first folded edge, and is adjacent to the first plane with a second folded edge; An opening is opened through the first folded side and extends a length of the first plane and the second plane respectively; At least one folding surface, which is adjacent to the first folding surface with a folding side and extends out of the opening, and the two sides of the folding surface extend out of one side edge; At least one second folded side, the second folded side is adjacent to the second plane with a third folded edge, and the third folded edge has a first flange matched with a first groove opened on the second plane; And an adhesive surface, which is adjacent to the second folded side surface with a fourth folded edge, and the fourth folded edge has a second convex for cold and hot shock test matching with a second groove opened on the adhesive surface. The original microcomputer large LCD (320*240dots) Chinese and English display control system edge is adopted. International application for international publication of the "Guidance Opinions on energy efficiency design of affordable housing buildings in Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Opinions") entry date of the national patent agency Beijing Kelong Huanyu Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. 3. Maximum overall dimension: 900 × five hundred and ten × 850 mm (length × Wide × Gao) sun HaoChen, the agent of the company's institutional address; He Hualian

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