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Focus on strategies to break through the regional market

conduct in-depth research, understand consumers and competitors, concentrate resources, pay attention to team building, and win steadily

in July 2003, I joined Henan SMETE Food Co., Ltd. and was assigned to southern Anhui (hereinafter referred to as southern Anhui) by the company as the regional sales manager of Southern Anhui. At that time, the monthly sales volume of the company in the region was only 400000, with five industry representatives. The sales force was very weak. How can we achieve a rapid increase in regional sales and make a breakthrough

preliminary research, formulate a plan

through a large amount of data collection of relevant companies and competitive products in the early stage, I used a month to make a market plan:

concentrate on a single breakthrough: Southern Anhui is located in southern Anhui, and the consumption level is relatively high, so I chose the company's low-grade product Kouxiang series as the leading products in terms of products, At the same time, the introduction of medium and high-end super smart products as profit and long-term products requires that the number of products on the new market should not exceed five varieties within three months, so as to concentrate on the sales volume of a single product in the market

regional decomposition, survival of the fittest: because the southern Anhui market was far away from the company (more than 500 kilometers), the company carried out extensive management of the regional market, resulting in a small number of dealers, poor network foundation, individual dealers' sales area is too large, and poor quality. In view of this situation, we regard the decomposition of sales areas for dealers with unreasonable sales areas, the elimination of dealers with poor quality and the development of new markets as the important work of market network construction

strengthen training and improve quality: in view of the situation that the existing industry representatives have no direction, poor business skills and lack of professional system training, the industry representatives are required to strengthen time and plan management, formulate detailed training plans, and the trainers are trained by themselves and the industry representatives in turn. Through this adjustment, the work efficiency of the industry representatives has been greatly improved. Letting them train themselves has greatly improved their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning and summarizing

adjust the strategy to avoid reality and take it lightly: carry out differentiated competition strategy. We harass some products of competitive products, and we have products with certain advantages that we do not have. We have strong support, rapid promotion and rapid volume up. At that time, white elephant, Hualong and other brands had large sales, a solid market foundation, and the resources provided by the company every month were limited. In view of this situation, we avoided the strong market of competitive products and chose the relatively weak market of competitive products to make a fierce attack, so as to establish our base and hot market as soon as possible. However, in order to cooperate with the attack on the weak market of competitive products and prevent competitive products from concentrating resources to attack us, we harass the strong market of competitive products by using sacrificial products, disrupt the deployment of competitive products, and digest and decompose competitive resources

coping with the crisis and adjusting strategies

everything went well, but the situation changed suddenly. Due to the sharp rise in the price of instant noodles raw materials in the second half of 2003, the cost of instant noodles rose too fast. In order to absorb the rising cost, the company raised the price of finished products sharply, especially low-end products with low profits. What makes us more passive is that the company's price system is a unified delivery price within 500 kilometers of the market. The price of markets over 500 kilometers will be increased according to different distances, and the area I am responsible for is more than 500 kilometers away from the company. Before the price rise, the price was basically the same as that of competitive products, but after the price rise, the price was much higher than that of competitive products

in the face of sudden changes, dealers and industry representatives feel at a loss, and some dealers announced that they would suspend their cooperation with the company. After analysis and evaluation, I decided to adopt the following plan:

stable thinking: stabilize the emotions of dealers and industry representatives. Since the price rise has become a fact, we should first consider not complaining, but discussing what countermeasures to take

trade-offs: as the market does not respond strongly to the prices of differentiated products and medium and high-end products, we decided to focus on the promotion of differentiated products and medium and high-end products, and give up car loss protection for low-end products in a planned way: concentrate resources on markets with high dealer loyalty and strong business ability, and focus on cultivating hot markets. For too far away, Extensive management should be carried out in markets with small market capacity

after adjustment, the market sales volume did not decline, but increased. By the end of 2003, the regional sales volume exceeded 2million/month, and the proportion of differentiated and medium and high-end products accounted for 80% of the total sales volume, far exceeding the indicators issued by the company. At the same time, it also cultivated a group of dealers and sales teams with high loyalty and excellent psychological quality

post changes, meet the challenges

at the beginning of 2004, according to the company's arrangement, I was appointed the sales manager of Anhui Province, and I was faced with a greater challenge:

conversion of work content

from a regional manager to a provincial manager, the work content changed, so I adjusted it in time to adapt:

1. First, I appointed the sales directors of Southern Anhui and Northern Anhui, who shared the daily management work, So that I have more time to analyze and plan

2. Classify the market into strategic market and non strategic market; Hot market and general market; Intensive cultivation market and extensive management market, etc. And according to the classification, combined with the expertise of each industry representative, they are assigned to different markets

3. sign a distribution contract with the dealer, clarify the rights and obligations of both parties through the contract, and standardize the behavior of the dealer

4. in combination with the relevant systems of the company, the "Anhui Province business personnel management system" has been formulated to carry out institutionalized and procedural management of business representatives

5. Establish and institutionalize information feedback and communication mechanisms. First of all, the business representative must learn to use it σ 0.2 means email. Secondly, regularly send relevant market information to my e-mail address every month for me to analyze and judge the high-temperature decadent experiment of market 4.2.8 standard high-temperature installation for 100 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ metal. Set up a public mailbox, and the business representative can access this mailbox to view relevant notices, sales materials and training materials sent by me and the business representative to the mailbox

6. Pay attention to cultivating good habits of industry representatives. First of all, the work that belongs to your own responsibility should be completed by yourself. Don't bother your superiors too often; Write the work plan at the beginning of each month and the work summary at the end of each month; Read professional books at least once a month

break through the limitations of thinking

the market in Northern Anhui is basically within 500 kilometers of the company, with low consumption capacity. The products sold by dealers are basically low-end products, and the pressure of dealers is relatively small. However, in the long run, the market risk is great (the life cycle of low-end products is short), and it is more vulnerable to the impact of competitive products and paralysis. When I proposed to adjust the product structure and promote the company's medium and high-end products, I was opposed by dealers and industry representatives because people in Northern Anhui have low consumption ability and can't afford medium and high-end instant noodles. In view of the concerns of dealers and industry representatives, I told them not to argue first, and then choose several dealers with advanced ideas to give them policy preference and guide them to promote medium and high-end products. Who knows, they can't stop after the pilot promotion of medium and high-end products. The reason is that they found that as long as the medium and high-end products are promoted, there will be repeat customers, and the profits are objective compared with the competitive low-end products

implement effective resource investment

although instant noodles are popular products, schools are the places where instant noodles are consumed most intensively, with the largest single person consumption and the widest influence. In view of this situation, we have formulated a detailed school market development plan and scheme. Industry representatives and dealers should make school development and maintenance plans every month, participate in the assessment, and enjoy the corresponding policy support

after a good start, I immediately promoted my experience. At the same time, I gave policy preference to dealers who actively promoted medium and high-end products. Dealers who did not actively promote medium and high-end products, which were important basic products for success, did not enjoy policy support; Praise and reward the industry representatives who actively promote and make remarkable achievements, and criticize and punish the industry representatives who do not actively promote

through the above planning and implementation, Anhui's overall sales volume ranks among the top four in the company's provincial market, and its profitability ranks in the forefront of the company

experience summary

research: sufficient market research and analysis will lay a good foundation for the next step of planning

appropriate: choose products that adapt to the market

steady progress: don't rush for success. I hope that all markets in the region can achieve breakthroughs overnight. Instead, we should choose the weak market of competitive products to carry out key attacks, avoiding the positive conflict with the strong market of competitive products, but we can implement harassment strategies

concentration: concentrate resources to establish their own hot spots and base markets, and then move forward step by step. From No.1 in one market to No.1 in n markets

team: focus on team building. Without a strong team and individual heroism alone, it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the whole region

targeting: identify consumer groups and implement key breakthroughs. Otherwise, if you sell high-end cars to consumer groups who don't even have enough to eat, I'm afraid it will be difficult to think of performance. (end)

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