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Discussion on the application of anti-counterfeiting technology for tobacco and alcohol packaging (III)

III. plate making and printing technology anti-counterfeiting

printing process design and printing technology anti-counterfeiting mainly refers to the anti-counterfeiting technology of the process flow from prepress layout production to printing, and the anti-counterfeiting measures are transferred to the printed products through printing, so that the printed products have the function and technology of identifying the authenticity

1. Gravure printing anti-counterfeiting

gravure printing due to a variety of reasons on process equipment, the concave convex sense of graphic level and the cost of equipment and plates have brought great difficulties to counterfeiters. Therefore, it also has some anti-counterfeiting features, but there are still some development shortcomings. At present, intaglio printing is widely used in many cigarette and alcohol packaging to prevent counterfeiting

2. Point invisible anti-counterfeiting

point printing plate making system invisible anti-counterfeiting is a new anti-counterfeiting technology, which uses computer software and operation technology to technically process points and output them on special output equipment. The combination of anti-counterfeiting invisible graphics and text with conventional color images makes the invisible graphics and text hidden in color images with extremely rich tones and colors. This carbon fiber reinforced material eliminates the limitations of these two technologies through 'target hybridization': it not only reduces the volume waste of materials produced by 3D printing components, but also invisible graphics and texts can not be seen with the naked eye. It can only be seen after the invisible display film is superimposed on the print. It is difficult to copy with general computer software and output equipment, and has good anti-counterfeiting properties. Moreover, it has low cost, wide production forms, convenient use methods, and no environmental pollution. It can be applied to the outer packaging of tobacco, wine, drugs and other products

3. Plate design anti-counterfeiting

line anti-counterfeiting is an effective anti-counterfeiting method because it is used in the technology of multi-layer processing on PC chips. It is an anti-counterfeiting technology commonly used in banknotes or securities. Its basic principle is to use extremely small lines and points to form regular or irregular shape patterns and shading, and special eyes and patterns to form safe lines, so as to achieve the purpose of anti copy and anti-counterfeiting. Now most of the work is done with computer assistance. Advanced digital control makes the anti-counterfeiting pattern changeable, complex and changeable, which is more difficult to copy, so it has a good anti-counterfeiting effect

1) main types of linear anti-counterfeiting technology

linear anti-counterfeiting technology mainly includes: Curly lines, special hidden patterns, miniature characters, embossed patterns, split line patterns, pattern docking and straight-line printing (number docking), etc. Because linear anti-counterfeiting is a kind of design-based technological anti-counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting pattern composed of professional designers, professional line design software and the ever-changing combination of anti-counterfeiting modules and lines has a strong anti-counterfeiting effect because of its extremely low repeatability and difficult to copy, and it only needs one-time investment, which has nothing to do with output. For all kinds of anti-counterfeiting enterprises and printing and packaging enterprises, Is a better choice

2) characteristics of the pattern anti-counterfeiting design system

a. the line effect produced by the pattern anti-counterfeiting design system can not be designed and produced by general software

b, to prevent scanning and achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

the line graphics generated by the plate pattern system, after printing, its lines are on the ground, while the lines generated by scanning are composed of points, which can be distinguished with a magnifying glass. For advanced scanners, even if they can scan, they cannot output normally. Because, after scanning, the thick and thin lines become dot matrix images, rather than vector graphics, so the subtle changes in the thickness of the lines will be lost. If it is a spot color line, it must be separated when outputting. After color separation, it becomes a dot image, and there will be great losses if overprinting is not accurate. In this way, after outputting the scanned thick and thin spot color line, it will be very different from the original product, which can be easily identified with the naked eye, so it can prevent copying and achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

c. The anti-counterfeiting design system has no special requirements for the carrier. All the media that can be printed can achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect of the plate, which can expand the application range of the plate

because all anti-counterfeiting elements are completed at one time in the design of the plate pattern, there is no need to increase any other cost in printing, and users can recognize it with their eyes. In addition, with its variability and flexibility, it has a wide range of applications. At present, it is mainly used in security anti-counterfeiting, and it will be widely used in tobacco and alcohol packaging in the future

4. Bar code anti-counterfeiting technology

bar code technology is the same with XPS. In the field of anti-counterfeiting in the tobacco industry, a kind of inkjet technology - domino inkjet technology has been used in recent years. The variability of inkjet code means that each small cigarette bag can have an independent code, which can include anti-counterfeiting code or machine-readable code. Directly printing the price and other information on the cigarette packaging box can effectively control the market price of tobacco. For the requirements of inkjet printing in a very small range, clear inkjet printing can be carried out in a range as small as 0.8 mm. It also provides UV readable invisible ink to match the anti-counterfeiting effect of the tobacco industry. The cigarette packaging of Hunan Changsha cigarette factory adopts invisible inkjet code, which has no obvious imprint under sunlight or light, but can show blue and white imprint under ultraviolet radiation, and the pattern is made of linear collection, which is clear and bright

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