4G is the most popular in the past, and 5g acceler

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4G is a thing of the past! The accelerated arrival of 5g has triggered social digital change

following Samsung, Huawei, ZTE and other manufacturers have recently released 5g, and rely on MWC to show 5g intelligence on this global super stage. Although 5g has not yet been put into commercial use, manufacturers are still scrambling to launch 5g. Only because intelligent innovation is facing difficulties, new concepts and new applications will help. No one has ever doubted the safety of these devices, igniting market sentiment, hoping to snatch up replacement users

in 2019, intelligence is still facing a declining situation, and the competition among manufacturers will be more intense. Then 5g will become a lifesaver for all players, but for apple, it will miss this opportunity. Affected by Qualcomm's patent dispute and Intel's 5g baseband delay, the 5g iPhone will be postponed to 2020. For apple, which no longer leads the global intelligent innovation, losing its 5g first mover advantage will also be passive. After all, the current iPhone cannot be sold, and iPhone revenue fell by 15% year-on-year in the first quarter of fiscal 2019

in addition to apple, major manufacturers have begun to bet on 5g. With the attitude that you have to have me, although there is no 5g network coverage at present, it will not affect all manufacturers to follow up quickly. During the Pakistan International Exhibition, an unprecedented 5g boom was set off, which attracted countless attention as a brand marketing hotspot. In particular, 5g foldability brought by Huawei has become the focus of global discussion, which is also the first time that Huawei has stunned the world in the field of intelligence

4g has become a thing of the past, and the 5g era has arrived.

since jobs created the iPhone, he has led us into the era of mobile Internet. In particular, 4G has been popularized, and mobile Internet has shown a vigorous development trend. However, mobile Internet is facing a bottleneck, which will promote the transformation of information technology to the interconnection of all things. The mobile communication technology behind it lies in 5g deployment and application. Operators around the world have joined the tide of 5g construction. After Huawei signed more than 30 5g commercial contracts around the world, ZTE also revealed that it has carried out 5g cooperation with more than 30 operators around the world. Ericsson, the world's second largest equipment and communication manufacturer, said that it would fully open the year of 5g in 2019, and revealed that it had signed 10 formal 5g contracts

mobile communication is developing rapidly at an amazing speed. This year is the year of 5g trial business. It is expected to achieve scale deployment in 2020, and promote information technology into the 5g era. At the 2019 world mobile communication conference (MWC), 5g will become the focus. Manufacturers will not only launch and display 5g smart terminals, but also focus on the landing scene of 5g applications. IOT, smart city, car service, virtual reality and other application scenarios will be popularized after 5g deployment, especially to further expand the scale of IOT deployment, and promote the digital transformation of the whole society in combination with cloud +ai

5g has brought about mobile changes, which are actively embraced by countries around the world. It is hoped that when a new round of information change is coming, other countries behind, including developed countries such as Europe and the United States, will also begin to change their attitude towards Huawei. It can even be described as Huawei's strength in global 5g construction without Huawei as if there were no Manchester United's Premier League. Vodafone CEO also claimed that excluding Huawei from the 5g network in Europe may cause great damage to national infrastructure and consumers

Huawei has become the world's leader in 5g technology. Earlier, Huawei sent a message about its 5g base station. 4. Sensors: sensors are an important part of the accuracy and force measurement stability of tensile testing machines. The number of sensors in the world has exceeded 25000. Now the number of 5g base stations in France has increased to 40000. This speed caught competitors by surprise. On the 24th, Huawei brought 5g foldable to the industry, which set off a global boom and led the world. Although the price is high, it is difficult to stimulate users' desire to buy, Huawei leads the new trend and direction of intelligent development

accelerated global 5g popularity

as the world's first 5g commercial country, South Korea's operator LG u+ has built 5500 5g base stations as of December 19 last year, according to previously disclosed data. It is commendable that Huawei is the equipment supplier providing 5g base station services for LG u+. It is said that both sides have completed the deployment of more than 10000 5g base stations so far. This is Huawei's assistance to the 5g construction of Korean operators, and also makes LG u+ deployment speed and scale ahead of other Korean competitors

the four major U.S. operators will provide 5g services in the first quarter of 2019. Verizon first focuses on 5g home broadband. At t has begun to sell its 5g hotspots. T-Mobile will focus on the low-frequency band nationwide, while sprint will focus on 2.5GHz and above. Recently, ABI research predicts that this year it will also deploy in large cities, dense urban areas, and public places such as stadiums, etc. all of which have been tested are fixed error common places and colleges and universities. Recently, sprint, the fourth largest mobile operator in the United States, announced that it will launch 5g services in Chicago, Atlanta and other cities in May, and will expand to five cities including Los Angeles, New York and Washington by the end of the year

in China, the third phase of 5g testing in China has been basically completed. At present, operators have also started 5g bidding. In addition, 5g temporary licenses are expected to be issued in the first half of this year, while Chinatelecom has issued the first 5g SIM card to Pan Shiyi, and China Unicom has officially delivered the first batch of 5g intelligent testing machines. At the Pakistan exhibition, China Unicom and ZTE unveiled their first 5g flagship, which is expected to be listed in the European and Chinese markets in the first half of the year

throughout the global 5g construction and commercial use, although South Korea is the fastest-growing country in 5g, as the first commercial country in the world, it will officially start commercial operation in March this year. However, in terms of the world's most 5g ecosystem, covering 5g deployment, spectrum allocation, investment and application, the United States has a leading edge over China, South Korea and Japan

5g commercial landing scenario

however, whether 5g can be popularized on a large scale as scheduled remains to be tested. The continuous capital investment is based on the commercial prospect, and the return on investment will be the key to scale deployment. For 5g commercial application scenarios, it must be to promote the joint regulation of animals. Yang Jianyong, a senior consultant of IOT, pointed out that 5g technology is an important engine for the large-scale deployment of IOT. Standing at the beginning of this new era, all walks of life, whether equipment communication manufacturers or Internet enterprises, are actively involved in IOT, boosting the implementation of industrial interconnection in various fields and promoting the digital transformation of various industries

in the upsurge of smart city construction, 5g network is used for smart city image HD video capture, return and monitoring. For example, in the field of smart home, network connection is introduced into the field of home appliances, and a home appliance platform is provided to connect to all major smart home systems and appliances and interact seamlessly with them. For example, in the field of industrial manufacturing, connect equipment with data and services, and promote the transformation of manufacturing digital industry

in the era of big connection, all walks of life have the ability to collect massive data. The data generated by massive device connection will provide storage, analysis and other IOT platform manufacturers with great opportunities, including urban management, medical treatment, industry and many other directions. In various vertical application fields, IOT platform becomes a bridge, which can realize the interconnection of various devices, and is the data distribution center. In this era, whoever has data can make more money


in the last round of information revolution represented by Internet technology, the United States led the process of Internet business. Now 5g and artificial intelligence and other technologies are running together, and 5g even leads the world. The world's four major equipment and communication manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE alone, help global operators build 5g networks. With the construction of 5g networks in full swing around the world, this trillion dollar market will be opened, Because there are not many kinds of plastics in China, it has huge application market advantages and is expected to benefit from the opportunities contained in this round of mobile reform

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