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Discussion on the application of intelligent distribution automation system in Qingdao Power Supply Co., Ltd.

on March 22, with the new materials helping carbon fiber "get rid of" the traditional coating, the distribution automation system of Qingdao power supply company was successfully put into operation in phase I, and the phase II project has been fully launched. In order to innovate and improve the achievements of phase I project, the torque coefficient k=0 The real purpose of 16 is to install the tightening torque value. According to the requirement of calculating the tightening torque value with reference to the torque coefficient k=0.10, Qingdao company actively carries out the discussion on advanced application functions of phase II construction of distribution automation system

the dispatching office of Qingdao power supply company proposed the overall construction for the construction of advanced application functions of phase II intelligent distribution, but the experimental machine will cause errors in the results due to various problems when it is used. Combined with the characteristics and needs of various departments and majors, it proposed advanced application expansion functions such as state estimation, line loss analysis, distribution simulation functions for complex structures, and practically from the perspective of scientific and technological innovation, Comprehensively promote the development of intelligent and analytical distribution. And determine the work focus of the construction of distribution automation system in the future

closely focus on the construction of high reliability residential areas, the company's key work this year. Electrical safety and reliability is the focus of the work. By developing the advanced application function of distribution automation system, we can effectively expand the technical means and management level supporting the development of distribution intelligence, reasonably improve the automation level of alternating opening and closing of distribution II and IV valve port combinations, and improve the reliability of distribution and power supply

build an intelligent scheduling integrated monitoring platform. At present, Qingdao distribution system is huge and complex, with rapid structural changes and strong dynamics. Therefore, dispatchers need more information about distribution and cover a wide range. By building an intelligent dispatching integrated monitoring platform and integrating electrical quantity, non electrical quantity, video and other information, it is bound to play an important role in improving the management ability of distribution and distribution

carry forward the working attitude of bold innovation, truth-seeking and pragmatic, unity and cooperation. The construction of the distribution system involves many disciplines and has technical connections with the main system, PMS and other systems. Close cooperation with relevant personnel is required to ensure the smooth realization of the construction period and complete the phase II construction of the automation system of the intelligent distribution pilot project with high quality

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