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Talking about the application of cad/cam system in the production of automotive interior parts

modern processing industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for high efficiency, high precision, high quality and low cost. In many fields, various advanced automation technologies are increasingly being widely used. Since the birth of cad/cam system, it has played an increasingly important role in the operation steps of hydraulic universal testing machine to take slow cooling for the extrusion of PE and pp. it has become an indispensable tool for the majority of production enterprises

soft materials are widely used in many industrial fields. Basically, they need to design the whole material into corresponding cutting pieces according to the actual needs, cut them into separate cutting pieces by cutting equipment, and then sew the cutting pieces into semi-finished products or finished products according to the design by sewing work

typical examples of sewing products and soft material applications are: cutting design, nesting and cutting processing of soft materials in the fields of clothing, means of transportation (seats and interior decorations of automobiles, aerospace, ships), furniture and home furnishings (sofas, fabric furniture and home textiles, etc.), industrial textiles, sports equipment and facilities, space exploration, etc. The main processing objects are all kinds of fabrics, leather, synthetic materials, industrial textiles, FRP, etc

this paper will take the production of automotive interior parts as the main object to discuss the research and application of cad/cam system

for the processing technology of soft materials for automotive interior parts, since Gerber technology in the United States began to put into research and development in the 1960s, more and more companies have gradually invested in this promotion force. In addition to the research and development with a long history in developed countries in Europe and the United States, some domestic companies are also working hard to join this ranks. From the perspective of foreign applications, it has reached a fairly developed level, which has also led to domestic investment in these technologies and systems and gradually extensive applications. With the continuous upgrading of processing and production technology in China, cad/cam is ushering in a very broad prospect

the world's first cutting machine Gerber 70, which was used by general motors to cut interior parts for 20 years, is now displayed in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of history

automotive interior parts, such as car seat covers, interior and roof decorative materials, carpets, etc., mainly leather and fabrics, but also some composite materials. Traditional processing takes manual operation as the main method to decompose, design, arrange and cut leather, cloth or some composite materials. In countries with developed productive forces, market competition and the development of science and technology have made enterprises invest in the automatic transformation of production, and cad/cam systems have therefore come into full play. Many leading manufacturers in China have been equipped with cad/cam systems for efficient design and production

fully automated cutting processing of soft materials can be summarized as the following procedures:

1. style design and development: applicable software vision fashion studio

here refers to the design and development of the style, structure, etc. of interior trim covering materials (leather, cloth, etc.). According to the market demand, the designers design the marketable product type that is consistent with the company's products as a whole, and the matching leather or fabric is also specified in this process. In addition to the creativity of designers, efficient design tools will add wings to their inspiration and creativity, greatly speeding up the design process and shortening the development cycle, which means improving efficiency. The application software in this area includes Photoshop, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and other software. These software are widely used and are deeply loved by the majority of designers and developers. However, it is not difficult for us to find the limitations of this kind of software, especially because they are popular software, and their professional convenience functions often cannot meet the needs of designers and developers. Therefore, professional software for specific purposes is more and more popular

the change function in style design allows designers to easily see the effect of changing materials and colors, which is intuitive and practical

vision fashion studio and other design software were born in response to this demand. This kind of software system, which plays an important role in fashion design, has excellent functions in fabric style design for furniture. It can not only realize the design of fabric itself, but also fully meet the needs of designers in color adjustment, sample library, dressing effect, etc., so that designers can easily see the design of a certain style to simulate the actual effect of changing different fabrics and colors. This greatly improves the work efficiency of designers, so that they can put more energy on creativity and planning, and plays a positive role in the development of product samples

2.3d-2d conversion: applicable software 3D director

we know that the finished products of automotive interior parts are three-dimensional, that is, 3D, so we should carefully understand and ask about the products. However, when we need to match them with fabrics, leather and other exterior materials, these materials are flat. How can we sew the flat materials onto the three-dimensional car seats and many other products? There is already a method, that is to convert the 3D parameters of the finished product into 2D parameters through professional computer calculation algorithm, so as to obtain the number of plane cutting pieces and specific specifications required to be decomposed into the finished product. The development of this technology greatly reduces the 2D-3D risk in the design process. Because the software accounting is very accurate, the whole of the designed sample will fit the structure of the finished product very well after stitching, thus reducing the number of fitting tests, reducing the dependence on the product prototype in the design and development, and helping the factory save expensive materials, and selecting high-end fabrics For the automobile interior trim manufacturing enterprises that process high-grade leather, this means considerable cost savings, and the economic benefits will be correspondingly improved

3. template design and automatic typesetting: the applicable software accumark, nestpack or nestserver

the designer's style and decor design is transformed from 3D mode to 2D mode, which makes the template development process a big step forward. The next step is how to divide the pieces reasonably to achieve the best fit of the finished product with the minimum number of pieces

nest series is an industrial typesetting optimization system, which improves the nesting efficiency and reduces material consumption

there are many ways to complete this process, and the manual operation of senior pattern makers plays a very important role in traditional production. The disadvantage of manual operation is that it is highly dependent on the proficiency of personnel. The accuracy and efficiency will be greatly different for personnel with the same work and different experience. Secondly, the repeatability and stability of manual operation are relatively poor, which makes it difficult to control the consistency of products. And once the personnel change, the impact on production is very large, and a skilled operator can not be trained overnight

automatic template design and automatic typesetting will completely change this situation. The powerful working ability of computer CAD software accumark can design and plan templates through a variety of ways, for example, the drawing reading board (Digital Map Reader) can scan and read the existing template data, and then make templates and modifications. The automatic typesetting and typesetting map optimization of nestpack and nestserver software can ensure the accurate development of templates. The greatest contribution of optimized typesetting is to speed up and save materials. According to the optimized typesetting results, it is helpful for the purchasing department to determine the purchase volume of raw materials such as fabrics or leather. The storage of electronic documents also helps to protect the company's model data. Computer operation software is relatively easy to master compared with the accumulation of technician experience

4. pattern painting: use equipment wide width pen drawing and/or cutting machine, or wide width inkjet plotter

after all the two-dimensional template designs are completed, use a plotter to draw the layout drawing into a paper sample, which is convenient for 1:1 real sample comparison, data storage, and viewing and controlling the cutting path during trial production

in theory, the running track of the pen plotter is based on the line of the typesetting map, so it is relatively applicable when the typesetting map is not too dense, while the ink-jet plotter is only a reciprocating ink-jet drawing, so the efficiency is higher when the typesetting map is dense

5. spreading: it is applicable to the automatic spreading machine, which is called the cloth drawing machine by some manufacturers

fabric or some synthetic materials will be used for the lining of automotive interior parts, and even the external auxiliary materials of interior parts. Unlike leather, each leather is different, but a batch of materials are the same. In order to improve production efficiency, cutting multi-layer materials at the same time will greatly speed up production. The automatic spreading system can ensure the spreading speed and flatness, and become a good helper for automatic production. Due to the different texture of fabrics, the difficulty of cloth laying is also different. Generally speaking, inelastic fabrics have less deformation in the process of paving, which is easy to master; However, it is not so easy to lay elastic fabrics. The expansion rate and deformation are very difficult. Now the world's most advanced automatic cloth laying machine has achieved tension free cloth laying operation, which can cope with all kinds of fabrics and realize flat, neat and consistent cloth laying up and down

6. cutting: applicable to automatic cutting system of equipment, some are called automatic cutting machine, computer cutting machine or automatic cutting system

(1) leather cutting: with the help of intelligent high-speed leather cutting system, the cutting of leather and composite materials can realize leather grade classification, color separation, identification of defects, reasonable distribution and cutting, and can choose manual layout and computer automatic optimization of typesetting program, maximize the use of expensive leather, and achieve accurate and reliable high-quality cutting

(2) cloth cutting: there are two kinds of equipment that can be used for cloth cutting. One is the single-layer or low-level cutting system for special customized production. When making samples and customizing high-end furniture, this kind of cutting machine is flexible, accurate and very easy to use. Generally speaking, single-layer cutting takes into account the actual situation of the production space at the beginning of the design. Therefore, the floor area is small, which is easy to be arranged in the production area planning, and many users even include it into the scope of the design room

the other is the medium and high-rise cutting machine for mass production. The thickness of the cloth that can be cut by this kind of cutting machine varies according to different applications. Now the cutting machine commonly used in the market cuts the thickness of the cloth. After vacuum compression, the thickness of the cloth is 2 6 cm, such a batch, in production, due to the slow laying link, it often becomes a bottleneck in the production of manufacturers. Therefore, this kind of medium and high-level cutting system is generally used in combination with the automatic laying system to meet the needs of production tasks. Gerber's S91 high-rise cutting machine has been available for 20 years. Because of its high cutting thickness and good at cutting some difficult fabrics, it is favored by some automotive interior manufacturers

it should be mentioned in particular that, for some fabrics with stripes or patterns, the coincidence of stripes or patterns between different cuts is one of the difficulties encountered in production. A professional automatic production system for stripes and patterns will help enterprises easily solve this difficulty, and the quality and speed will be highly guaranteed

usually according to industry habits, style design -> 3D-2D conversion -> sample design and typesetting optimization -> paper pattern drawing

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