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The electronic shaft transmission technology of flexographic press applies

electronic shaft transmission. Compared with the long shaft of traditional machinery, it uses an independent drive servo motor as the driving component, adopts encoder and phase control technology, and achieves the synchronization of the whole equipment through the transmission of electronic signals. Electronic shaft driven narrow width rotary flexo printing machine is more used for soft packaging products. It can provide a better solution for a wide range of rubber fatigue testing machine measurement range, domestic various milk bags, beverage bags, in mold standards and heat shrinkable mold sleeve standards and other products. For the unit type narrow width flexographic printing, at the international label exhibition held in Belgium in 2002, the company introduced Varyflex model for the first time, which is the first truly gearless flexographic printing machine in the field of narrow width rotary printing brush

on the Varyflex model of omit, the imprint cylinder and the plate cylinder are independently driven by a brushless motor, which solves the problem of gear bars that have plagued the flexographic printing industry for many years; Another notable feature is that it effectively solves the requirement of stepless change of printing repetition length. The encoder storing 8million positions and MKD numerical control AC motor are used on the embossing and plate cylinder of omit. The built-in hardware of the motor directly processes the encoder signal and adjusts the output of the motor, so as to ensure that the equipment can be put into normal use at a very fast speed. Taking the Varyflex model as an example, the motor adjustment of planetary gear position is cancelled, and the CNC servo motor directly drives the tension control roll. The built-in control hardware of the motor further improves the reaction speed of tension adjustment. When the Varyflex model is preparing for a new job, the mechanical pre registration is automatically carried out before the equipment is started, so that the reference point of the printing plate sleeve automatically returns to zero. After the equipment is started, it runs at a low speed, such as 10m/min. when the cursor on the substrate is detected by the printing unit sensor, the servo motor that controls the printing plate cylinder immediately makes the plate, and the more the document should be placed in front, and the cylinder turns to the position corresponding to the light plus mark of the substrate, Complete accurate electronic pre registration. Automatic pre registration greatly reduces the waste of materials during overprint adjustment, so that one paper path can complete the overprint of the whole live parts

in the Chinese market, the electronic shaft driven narrow width flexographic printing machine first entered the cigarette bag industry. From the sales and installation of ometer flexographic printing machine in foreign countries, it is mostly used for various soft packaging products. For domestic Tetra Pak, various milk bags, beverage bags, in mold labels, heat shrinkable mold sleeve labels and other packaging products, electronic shaft driven narrow width flexographic printing can provide a better solution

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