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Application of China design EAM in Guangdong basic engineering company I. company overview Guangdong basic engineering company is a comprehensive state-owned construction enterprise with professional characteristics. Founded in 1960, the company has developed into one of the top 100 enterprises with comprehensive construction strength in China and one of the top 10 comprehensive economic strength in the construction industry in Guangzhou. It is a well-known enterprise in the construction industry in Guangdong Province. Our company has the first grade of general contracting for housing construction engineering construction, the first grade of general contracting for municipal public engineering construction, the first grade of professional contracting for foundation and foundation engineering, the first grade of professional contracting for highway subgrade engineering, the first grade of professional contracting for bridge engineering, the second grade of general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, the second grade of general contracting for port and waterway engineering construction, the second grade of real estate development, the second grade of professional enterprise of ready mixed commercial concrete Grade II qualification of professional enterprise of concrete prefabricated components. The company's business includes housing construction engineering, municipal utilities, foundation and foundation engineering, highway subgrade engineering, bridge engineering, port and waterway engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, production and sales of ready mixed commercial concrete, production of concrete prefabricated components, real estate development and property management. It has 18 branches, 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 holding companies. The company has more than 1000 professional technicians and managers, more than 1500 sets of large-scale advanced professional equipment and commercial concrete supply stations with an annual output of 600000 cubic meters. The company is in the advanced ranks in the same industry in terms of equipment, technical equipment and the number of equipment owned

II. Background of enabling the EAM equipment asset management system in China

due to the fact that the company's equipment use management is mainly distributed in subordinate branches, and there are many types of equipment and relatively decentralized management, the original equipment management mode is limited to simple information management and manual recording or personal memory operation mode, resulting in management data easy to be lost, some data needs to be entered repeatedly, and equipment asset management information is difficult to be shared, There are many problems in equipment asset management. In May, 2005, our company came into contact with the "China EAM equipment asset management system" of Guangzhou Zhengtai business data Co., Ltd., which is not only an effective means of equipment asset management, but also provides us with an advanced management concept. Although it is quite different from our equipment management mode at that time, it may be difficult in the implementation process, but in terms of the development trend of the company, it is imperative to improve the equipment management level, Chint data's China EAM equipment asset management system can help our company achieve this leap in equipment management. In view of the application value of China design EAM, the company decided to enable China design EAM equipment asset management system, and is eager to solve the following problems:

standardize equipment basic management. Basic management is the daily work of equipment management departments at all levels. Previously, due to different working habits and working methods, there were differences in the depth and scope of management in each branch. After using this system, all basic management data will form a unified information structure, producing complete data records, data statistics and related work reports. This can standardize the basic management work at the grass-roots level and solve the problem of repeated data entry

establish complete equipment archives and equipment resumes, and the general Steel Research Institute is the largest comprehensive research institution in China's metallurgical industry, which can be consulted at any time. Before, the management of equipment archives was relatively scattered, and it was inconvenient to call technical archives and equipment resumes. After the system is enabled, all file resumes will be recorded in the system, and managers at all levels can timely understand the operation, management and maintenance status of the equipment after the project is put into operation

a technical specification library for detection, maintenance and repair can be established, and the work plan can be automatically generated according to the time standard for the operation of the technical specification from slurry to solid. Our previous work in this area was basically in the working stage of personal memory. Using this system can make the equipment management work play a proactive role and ensure that the equipment remains in a normal state when it is put into engineering construction

various statistical analysis reports can be generated at any time, such as asset classification statistics, equipment operation statistics, technical status statistics, equipment downtime analysis, fault statistical analysis, supplier evaluation, maintenance and repair cost analysis, asset scrap prediction, etc. Solve the problems of unsafe data storage and limited statistical content caused by the previous use of electronic form records, strictly regulate management, and improve management level

III. implementation process and results of China design EAM in Guangdong basic engineering company

Guangdong basic engineering company is a construction enterprise, which is different from a production-oriented industrial enterprise. Therefore, before and at the initial stage of implementation, the technicians of Chint data company modified some functions of the system according to the actual needs of our company, and gradually implemented it according to the characteristics of the industry. The system establishes three levels of management users: branch, company and enterprise leaders. In terms of system functions, we realize it through the following steps:

the establishment of equipment account is the foundation. The account is the basis for the operation of the whole system. After checking the inventory account of the company at the end of 2005, we imported it into the system, and established a unified and accurate equipment account of the whole company

asset management module is the key management object. Construction enterprises have high equipment mobility and frequent equipment changes and rentals, which requires the administrators at the branch level to enter the equipment changes into the system in time to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the system data and provide services and guidance for production

operation management is the core of system management. Through the operation of the asset management system, we strive to improve the utilization rate of our own equipment, ensure the integrity rate of equipment, and extend the service life of equipment

fault management for key equipment. The company has a large number of self owned equipment and a wide range. 30% of the equipment accounts for 80% of the value of the equipment. Therefore, the first fault management of key equipment is not only an adaptation process to the operation of the equipment asset management system, but also an exploration of the management methods of the company's key equipment

strengthen the management of special equipment. The company's special equipment includes four categories: lifting equipment, pressure vessels, transportation equipment and instruments. The monitoring of the validity of special equipment is the guarantee of construction safety

through the statistical analysis function provided by the system, we can find the best way to improve the production efficiency of equipment, reasonably allocate the existing resources of the company, and effectively reduce the use cost of equipment

IV. existing problems and improvement direction

at present, the company's equipment asset management system has been running for five years, and the efficiency of equipment management has been significantly improved. The basic management ideas and management mode of the system have begun to take shape in the company's operation and management. However, the operation of the system is a long-term and gradual work. I feel that there is still a certain gap between the current and expected goals. This year, this machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction engineering, vehicles and other materials. Our company plans to strengthen cooperation and communication with Chint data company, take the system as a yardstick of our equipment management, integrate it into our actual needs, formulate corresponding management systems, and strive to create excellent results in this year's equipment management work

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