The world's largest recycled newsprint machine is

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The world's largest recycled paper machine was put into production in the UK

it is understood that palm paper, a subsidiary of German paper fiber Jinan assaying company based on improving master skills, has officially launched the high-profile PM7 paper machine recently

The net width of PM7 paper machine is 10.63 meters, and it can produce about 4million tons of paper every year to meet the needs of standard printing, flexo printing and thermosetting newspaper printing, and all these papers are made of recycled fiber

The general manager of palm paper said: we want to further verify whether the production quality of this large-scale equipment can meet the requirements while maintaining the production stability and the special spring inspection program designed according to national standards. At the same time, he hopes that the market demand for paper that can match the alignment accuracy will also remain stable in the coming months

palm paper's paper mill is located in king's Lynn, UK, and currently has 150 employees

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