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In recent years, the continuous emergence and application of new technologies are changing our lives. In the field of water supply and drainage, the emergence of constant pressure (variable pressure) variable frequency speed regulation electrical control technology is changing the way of water supply, which makes pressurization have a new choice, and also makes the traditional concept of pump have a new extension. With this technology, the flow and pressure as the characteristics of the pump are no longer fixed due to the fixed impeller, but have an elastic space. In particular, due to the constant pressure and flow supply characteristics achieved by the frequency conversion technology, by changing the frequency of electrical control, it affects the speed of changing the pump speed, so as to achieve constant pressure and variable flow (hereinafter referred to as "constant pressure and variable frequency"), which has increasingly become the darling of production and domestic water supply design

as an extension of domestic and production water supply, the design of constant voltage variable frequency has also been extended to fire water and fire extinguishing systems today. Just as every technology has to go through the process, there are different opinions on the extension of this technology in the field of fire protection, with both appreciation and rejection. Many people are asking: can this technology be applied in the field involving public safety

in fact, with the development of constant voltage and frequency conversion technology, products with various functions have emerged, usually in several forms, including pure frequency conversion, combined with air pressure tank, combined with stabilized pressure pump, combined with stabilized pressure pump and air pressure tank, combined with high-level water tank. The maximum experimental force is 50kN; Weight: 300kg, etc

among these types, the constant voltage frequency conversion system with pure frequency conversion can sleep the main pump when the flow is small, and wake up automatically when the flow is increased; The constant pressure frequency conversion system combined with the air pressure tank can prolong the sleep time of the main pump; The constant voltage variable frequency system combined with a stabilized pressure pump can adapt to a larger system, and its main test objects are non-metallic and metal material systems; The combination of two stabilized pressure pumps, one stabilized pressure pump and one air pressure tank is based on some special requirements. In fact, the use of frequency conversion has been put in a secondary position, or it is no longer necessary

looking at the maturing of frequency conversion technology, the author tries to sort out some of its advantages and disadvantages by comparing the traditional main pump plus stabilized pressure pump and pneumatic tank system (hereinafter referred to as stabilized pressure pump system), which are listed below. The author believes that the fire water fire extinguishing system (hereinafter referred to as the constant voltage variable frequency system) using the constant voltage variable frequency technology as a pressure stabilizing facility has many advantages. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

advantages include:

first, saving land

since the constant pressure variable frequency system can not be equipped with another stabilized pressure pump and air pressure tank, its floor area is greatly reduced, which is usually more than half of that of the stabilized pressure pump system. This advantage is particularly obvious for small fire water extinguishing systems. For example, suppose a pump room with a flow of 10 l/s and a head of 30m adopts constant pressure and frequency conversion, and the area of the pump room is basically similar to that of half the stairwell, while the stabilized pressure pump system can't be put down without doubling the area after adding 5 l/s stabilized pressure pump, standby stabilized pressure pump and 50 L stabilized pressure tank

second, environmental protection

because the constant voltage variable frequency system operates with speed regulation and the pump speed is small, the noise as a nylon material with great cost-effectiveness and vibration are also greatly reduced. The system noise is small and the vibration of the system operation is small. It is an environmental protection technology. This noise reduction function, coupled with a low-noise pump, can easily control the impact of noise within the standard after completing the trend in many areas of the consumer market. Low noise and low vibration are not only beneficial to human health, but also greatly reduce the loss of machinery, and greatly reduce the vibration damage to buildings. More importantly, if the system is combined with life or production, the water tank can be avoided to effectively reduce the secondary pollution of the water tank

III. start gently

after the constant voltage frequency conversion equipment is started, the frequency converter outputs a gradually rising frequency and voltage, the motor starts to rotate, and the speed gradually increases. This process is relatively gentle. Therefore, the speed of the linked pump and the pressure of the water driven by the pump also gradually increase, which is very beneficial to the pressure fluctuation of electricity, the pressure fluctuation of pipe and the elimination of water hammer

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