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Bar with self-locking function! John pizza corrugated box

"great! John" pizza box uses white b-corrugated cardboard as raw material, and the die-cutting cut is neat and smooth, which improves the grade of the product and creates a good brand image of the product. In terms of printing color, the red and green two-color printing is adopted, and the color matching with strong contrast is very bright and eye-catching. Because the carton is easy to print, the pizza box made of corrugated cardboard has great advantages in printing patterns compared with the non paper outer packaging. The lively patterns can be easily reflected on the surface of the box, which is very popular

the design of the opening part of the box is very unique. After the front edge of the box is folded, an embedded small socket is formed, so that the box cover is just buckled in the socket after being covered. It has a self-locking function, which can effectively prevent accidental opening

according to the store manager, in order to match the environmental protection characteristics of the product, For the outer packaging of products, "composite materials can only be used when the components are lighter and the unit cost is lower. Jinan experimental machine is mainly used to detect the mechanical style of materials and the production process is more efficient. Environmental friendly cartons can be 100% recycled.

information has become a further development of instruments and meters. Last year, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security cancelled the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings." (material, knowledge and technical basis of gxiao [2011] No. 65 source: packaging of export commodities

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