BASF is most interested in Asian market

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BASF is devoted to the Asian market BASF Germany, the world's largest chemical enterprise, has a special interest in the rapidly developing Asian emerging market and plans to vigorously expand its business in the region in the next few years, such as hardness, conductivity and porosity. Kurtbock, the new president of the company, said recently at the headquarters in Ludwigshafen that "half of the company's growth in chemical industry in the next few years will be obtained from Asia." BASF has invested a lot of money in Asia in the past few years, and the region has played a major role in providing passengers with comfort, and its operating revenue has also increased significantly

BASF also announced that it would further expand its business in Nanjing, China, and deepen cooperation with Malaysia's petrochemical industry. Last year, BASF's turnover in Asia reached 11.6 billion euros, which will increase by% to 20billion euros annually by 2020. In 2010, 56% of BASF's operating revenue in Asia came from local production, which will increase to 70% by 2020

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