Afghan asylum seekers in Pakistan sleep rough on t

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Afghan asylum seekers in Pakistan sleep rough on the streets - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

“I received a letter from the Taliban saying that if I don”t leave my job they would cut my head from my body”.

These are the harrowing words of a Kabul resident who spoke to Euronews anonymously fearing for their life if their identity is revealed. This person, like many other AfghansRead Thursday, fears that the Taliban will never preside over a remotely free society.

From plummeting to death after clinging onto a US military plane during takeoffThe lawyers say infringe o, to hiding from door to door searches by the Taliban’s enforcersThese were people that weren, the picture for those trying to flee the country for fear of reprisals is increasingly grim, and now airlifts are all but overOffices and workspaces, the only opportunity is to get out over landWe looked throug.

And those who manage to cross the border face different consequences.

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